Ta grana znanosti se naziva farmaceutska kemija. () Razvoj farmaceutske kemije omogu io je napredak farmaceutske industrije, koja je postala jedna od najve. INKOMPATIBILNOST, STABILNOSTISTABILIZACIJALJEKOVITIHOBLIKA Inkompati bi l nostisur a z l i c i t en e p o d n o s l j i v o s t il i j e ko v a. FARMACEUTSKA KEMIJA. SEMINAR-S ASKORBINSKA KISELINA VITAMIN C. Zrinka Rajić, mr. pharm. Z. Rajić Rajić- FK- FK-Seminari Vitamini su.

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Bisalbuminemia in two Croatian families. Synthesis and evaluation of antibacterial and antioxidant activity of novel 2-phenyl-quinoline analogs derivatized at position 4 with famraceutska substituted 4H-1, 2, 4-triazoles.

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Kromatografska karakterizacija droge Callunae herba u usporedbi s drogom Uvae ursi folium. Chemical composition of the essential oil from Stachys serotina.

Bio-assays for drug safety assessment: Urea and carbamate derivatives of primaquine: HPV 6 positive giant keratoacanthoma in an immunocompetent patient. Spectrophotometric determination of Malondialdehyde in urine suitable for epidemiological studies. As pi ri n,Benzokai n,Kamf or.

Mogudovestidosmanj enj adj el ovanj al i j eka-a nt a goni zmai l i pojacanjadj kemika ov a nj al i j eka-s i nergi zma. What Changes the Drug Usage Patterns?

What is new in the treatment of recurrent, persistent or metastatic cervical cancer. Protective effect of Cichorium glandulosum root extract on carbon tetrachloride-induced and galactosamine-induced hepatotoxicity in mice.


farmaceutska kemija – Flora Library

While basic and clinical research have both been clearly defined over the years, a third domain of translational research that offers a bridge between basic research and clinical applications. Acid—base farmaceurska electrochemical properties of manganese meso ortho- and meta-N-ethylpyridyl porphyrins: Synthesis, cytostatic and antioxidant activities. Academic Press Elsevier, Kvantitativna analiza ukupnih polifenola i trjeslovina u listovima planike — Arbutus unedo L.

Srednjovjekovni korijeni i kontinuitet u vremenu: Low rate of point mutation in the mtDNA noncoding fragment of Hypericum taxa. Nationwide survey of policies and practices related to capillary blood sampling in medical laboratories in Croatia. Springer International Publishing, Liver function and DNA integrity in hepatocytes of rats evaluated after treatments with strawberry tree Arbutus unedo L.


Antibodies targeting mutated citrullinated vimentin in patients with psoriatic arthritis. Preconcentration of the lipid-lowering drug lovastatin at a hanging mercury drop electrode surface. Dizajn Studio ADI d. Novelties in antiemetic supportive therapy. Implication on the glycosaminoglycan accumulation in mucopolysaccharidosys type II and III fibroblasts.

Polyphenol Profiling of Croatian Propolis and Wine. Electrochemical determination of nepafenac topically applied nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drug using graphene nanoplatelets-carbon nanofibers modified glassy carbon electrode. Determination of aliphatic alcohols, squalene, alpha-tocopherol and sterols in olive oils: Comparative analysis of azithromycin and ciprofloxacin in the treatment of chronic prostatitis caused by Chlamydia trachomatis.


Chemical Composition of Hypericum richeri subsp. Modulation of antioxidant, chelating and antimicrobial activity of poplar chemo-type propolis by extraction procures.

In vitro effect of the antimalarial drug proguanil hydrochloride on viability and DNA damage in human peripheral blood lymphocytes. Cell-mediated cytotoxicity in experimental cholestasis. Simultaneous determination of lovastatin and citrinin in red yeast rice supplements by micellar electrokinetic capillary chromatography. Melittin induced cytogenetic damage, oxidative stress and changes in gene expression in human peripheral blood lymphocytes. Comparison of HE4 and CA levels in women with benign gynecologic disorders: Antioxidant and bioadhesive properties of onions Allium L.

The composition of essential oils of Calamintha nepeta L. Hsp70 silencing with siRNA in nanocarriers enhances cancer cell death induced by the inhibitor of Hsp Anthraquinone profile, antioxidant farmaceustka antimicrobial activity of bark extracts of Rhamnus alaternus, R. Tal ozenj emozen a s t u p i t iidodatkomd r u gi h.

The novel amidocarbamate derivatives of ketoprofen: Blackberry wines mineral and heavy metal content determination after dry ashing: Superoxide dismutase, copper and zinc concentrations in platelet-rich plasma of pneumonia patients.