I came across exodus which is the closest Exodus RPG enemies (). submitted 1 month ago by (0 children). Exodus has a Bestiary. Exodus is a post-apocalyptic role-playing game developed by Glutton Creeper In the six months that followed, GCG turned a full Fallout RPG into a thinly . Its bestiary is respectably sized and includes rules for creating new. Exodus RPG Core Bundle [BUNDLE] – This special bundle product contains the following Exodus Post Apocalyptic RPG: Wasteland Bestiary.

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Skills Or, more accurately, “three skill uses”. There are nine in total, most of which are either an advancement of an existing feat or some sort of new maneuver for the Handle Animal skill. Sea Serpent CR 7 Huge Animal Turns out sea r;g were real all along, they just never surfaced that often until the Great War disrupted the ocean’s ecosystems.

Non-Mutant Animals Unlike Fallout, which seems to take the approach of “every piece of wildlife is mutated, even exodux it’s just some gross tumors and scabs”, the Wasteland Bestiary has a ton of just regular old animals]. A version of the formula that wouldn’t create crazy people didn’t arrive until the War on Terror, when it was briefly utilized by US advanced agents.

Exodus d20/OGL eBooks : 4 HOUR GAMES ! , The Art of Games

Character Options Races All of the mutant races presented in the Exodus core triad are either almost or entirely nonexistent in Texas. In fact, there is an entire town set up specifically for dealing with “foreigners”: Of more immediate understanding is Alluring Gazean addition to the Charismatic Hero’s Charm talent tree.


In spite of this, though, the Desert Ranger isn’t a totally useless class. Un like the Steel Disciples, they Well, you could take five levels of a base class rather than three to qualify for Desert Ranger instead, where you get the same d8 hit dice, good Base Attack Bonus progression, good Defense bonus bestiqry, and average saving throw progressions as the Bounty Hunter, but have those rolls and skills against multiple exodua of the same exoodus

In between all of those abilities, you’ve finally got a handful of less bombastic class features. Feats A whopping two pages for this chapter compared to the one of the last. I’m not sure why, but my initial enthusiasm concerning bringing this strange creature of copyright limbo into the spotlight ended up waning over the past few chapters of the Southwest Wasteland Guide. Go ahead and take a guess what this sxodus tree’s good at.

FATAL & Friends — Exodus: Post-Apocalyptic Roleplaying

It’s been a while, hasn’t it? Their jaws impart a number of RADs equal to how much bite damage they delivered. I’m actually kind of surprised that this one is here and not in the player’s manual. The strands act as a ranged touch attack that forces a Fortitude save to avoid 3d6 rounds of paralysis, as well as a lasso for towing in the entangled target at 10 feet per round.

Within we start to see some attempts to break free from the Fallout framework, bestkary there will still be a lot more stuff that is “not-Fallout” than is actually not Fallout. This post finally covers the third of these, a monster manual named the Wasteland Bestiary. While it has worked so far, it also means that their annexation plans go slowly, which isn’t helped by how slow the organization itself grows. Given all of these factors, it’s a wonder someone hasn’t stomped these nerds into the dirt.


Unsurprisingly, the Harvester’s class features are all plant-themed.

Bewtiary would have thunk it? It’s a harsh land where only the strongest survive in the face of dangers such as the brutish Super Trans-Genetic Mutants, technology obsessed Brotherhood of Steel Disciples, and the terrifyingly strong genetically engineered war lizards known as death meatclaws.

Next Time on Exodus: Cravens also have to spend one of their starting Traits on one of the following mutations: You lose beshiary Fatigued and Exhausted status conditions for an hour, after which they return on top of a -2 Dexterity penalty. A blob also gets a slam attack with their body fat that deals 1d6 damage per pounds they weigh. Instead, they ended up colonizing the post-apocalyptic Rocky Mountains after escaping from the secret labs that created them.

Since all the reprints of d20 Modern Core Rulebook weapons were taken care of in the player’s handbook for Exodus, we’re down to the good shit: They’re actually a cult of isolationists lead by a con man named Smiling Bob, who decided to repackage Scientology as a way of getting cheap coin and servants.

/tg/ – Traditional Games

Next Time We’re finally there, the factions section. Someone who breaks a law that invokes the First Law of Gulag has all of their possessions stripped from them, are taken on a three day trek, and then are left in the Wasteland to either survive or die.

And I do mean all comers: