FINISH. SUBMIT. NEXT. PREV. Submit All. The Oracle Exadata Database Machine (Exadata) is a computing platform that is specialized .. Network Resource Management was added in Exadata X4. ORACLE Exadata X Database Machine Full Rack. ORACLE Exadata X Database Machine Half Rack. ORACLE Exadata X Database Machine Quarter.

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Historically, specialized database computing platforms were designed for a particular workload, such as Data Warehousing, and poor or unusable for other workloads, such as OLTP. Exadata has optimizations for all database workloads, implemented such that mixed workloads share system resources fairly.

Note that the spine switch is no longer included by default on Exadata X and newer models, but port 47 is still reserved on Cisco for the spine InfiniBand switch. A further benefit for customers was the ability to support the entire Exadata platform from one vendor; something impossible with a traditional computing platform of hardware and software components from multiple vendors. For example, rather than send an entire database table across the network to the compute server to find a small number of records, such data filtering could be done in storage and only the resulting records sent across the network.

Oracle Exadata Smart Flash Log”. Database snapshots [65] on Exadata storage enabled efficient development and testing. Retrieved August 3, Conversely, an Exadata system optimized for a large data warehouse could be configured by adding many High-Capacity storage servers. Whereas each X compute server contains 48 compute cores, the X server contains compute cores. Per Oracle, Exadata achieved this by moving database filtering operations into storage, instead of sending all data to the compute servers and filtering it there.


The two models differ only in the hardware used for the compute servers. In addition to adding storage servers into an Exadata Database Machine base configuration, storage servers may also be acquired with or added to Exadata Storage Expansion [25] racks.

Long running requests, characterized by Data Warehouses, reports, batch jobs and Analytics, are reputed to run many times faster compared to a conventional, non-Exadata database server.

Exadata provides high-speed networks for internal and external connectivity. For example, a single state-of-the-art Flash card in produced 5. The Exadata plug-in for EM provides an integrated view of compute servers, storage servers, switches, and topology.

The commit request will move in front of less important messages on the network and in the IO queue [19].

Comparison between Exadata X and X | Exadata Certification

To improve IO response times, the High-Capacity storage server also employs x44 Memory starts at Gigabytes GB and can be expanded to 1. Network Components And Interfaces In order to understand the design of Exadata, it must be compared with a traditional database computing platform, made from separate hardware and software components that operate independently.

Exadata software is also refreshed with each generation and periodically in between, enhancing some combination of performance, availability, security, exadqta and workload consolidation.

The InfiniBand network is also used as the cluster interconnect between compute servers. Exadata Cloud platforms include a web-based provisioning wizard through which customers can quickly provision their chosen Exadata system and subsequently their database instances.

Oracle EXADATA X4-2 Manuals

Applications that are certified to a supported version of the Oracle Database are automatically compatible with Exadata. They employ 2-socket Intel Xeon processors; each socket with 24 compute cores for 48 total cores per compute server.


Connecting Power Cords General Environmental Requirements A number of availability enhancements were added, bypassing slow or failed storage media [61]reducing the duration of storage server brownouts and simplifying replacement of failed disks.

The hardware refreshes in themselves result in performance exaata with every release. Overview Of Network Requirements Retrieved August 9, Every year thereafter Flash capacity and performance increased significantly. Exadata’s scale-out architecture is naturally suited to running in the Oracle Cloud, where computing requirements can dynamically grow and sometimes shrink.

Retrieved from ” https: Oracle already had a broad portfolio of software products when Exadata was conceived, covering most of the software layers that are required to run a database platform, such as the Oracle Linux operating system, storage management software, monitoring and administrative tools and virtual machine software, and, of course, Oracle Database and options software.

Resource exafata features also allow for prioritized allocation of system resources, such as always favoring workloads servicing interactive users over reporting and batch, even if they are accessing the same data. Views Read Edit View history. Temperature And Humidity Requirements Grid Control Agent Configuration Page Since Exadata’s debut inthere have been at least two significant Exadata software releases per year, delivering dozens of “smart” software enhancements.