EUROLITE STC User Manual. BEDIENUNGSANLEITUNG USER MANUAL STC Lighting Stand Für weiteren Gebrauch aufbewahren! Keep this. Buy your Eurolite STC wind-up light stand at Bax Music and enjoy delivery in 2 business days, a 3-year warranty and our lowest-price guarantee. Free delivery and returns on eligible orders. Buy Eurolite STC – Soporte para iluminación (4 m) at Amazon UK.

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Anbringen von Ballastgewichten, zu treffen. An unintended movement of the load has to be avoided. If you lack these qualifications, do not attempt the installation yourself, but instead use a professional structural rigger. The operator has to make sure that safety-relating and machine-technical installations are approved by an expert after every four year in the course of an acceptance test.

If inclined tension cables or prolonged outriggers are used, the area of danger has to be marked or even be blocked. Please consider a sufficient stability during the installation! You can find the latest update of this user manual in the Internet under: If this device will be operated in any way different to the one described in ehrolite manual, the product may suffer damages and the guarantee becomes void.

Stim Os02 lighting stand, aluminum This safety area must have a diameter of 1. The dealer will not accept liability for any resulting defects or problems. Should you need any spare parts, please use genuine parts. Install the fixtures eurollte the crossbeam and always install a safety-rope shc-400 can hold at least 10 times the weight of the fixture.


Ziehen Sie die Feststellschraube fest. DOC Before lifting or lowering the telescopic tubes, you must alway block a safety area around the stand.

Eurolite STC-400 Wind-Up Stand, black, W: 21kg, Load: 80kg, Height: 180 – 410cm, Adaptor: 28mm

Opening hours Monday – Friday 9. All devices, lighting effects and crossbeams attached on a stand must be be secured with a secondary attachment! Tighten the fixation screw.

Gegebenenfalls ist ein geeigneter Unterbau, z. Copyright – – M.

Eurolite STC Wind-Up Stand At Huss Light & Sound

Should there be any, consult your dealer and do not use the device. Crank the handle in clockwise rotations until the stand tube stop, where the bore-hole of the telescopic tube reaches the same level as the safety bolt. Please consider the DIN and the respective national norms during the installation!

Let the still-taught safety bolt slide into the bore-hole. We recommend a frequent cleaning of the device. Das Stativ eurolihe niemals bewegt werden bevor alle Teleskoprohre eingefahren sind!

Fzone FT 77 clip tuner. The installer is responsible for adhering to the carrying capacity given by the manufacturer, the safety requirements and the qualification of possible co-workers. Sstc-400 different local conditions have to be considered in terms of safety rules.

Music Square – yours in music! When choosing the installation material, optimum dimensions have to be chosen in order eutolite secure maximum safety. Yamaha PSR E keyboard. Eurolite STC lighting stand 4m Brand: The personell has to be instructed eurolote the content of the user manual and on the dangers related with operating stands.


Eurolite STC 400 lighting stand 4m

Never use alcohol or solvents! The installation is only allowed on carrying areas. Insert the end in the quick link and tighten the safety screw. Verwenden Sie zur Reinigung ein fusselfreies, angefeuchtetes Tuch.

Never install any objects offering a large surface for winds e. Stands have to be operated by instructed persons.

Tighten the upper fixation screw of the legs. Ask a Product Expert:. Stim OS lighting stand This is why additional safety measures like attaching ballast weights have to be taken. If one part of a stand is defective, the stand must not be taken into operation. Improper installation can result in bodily injury and.

Furthermore, any other operation may lead to dangers like crash. Eirolite telescopic tubes always have to be secured with a secondary securing! Every information is subject to change without prior notice.

Native Instruments Komplete 11 Update – Update z Maintenance and service operations are only to be carried out by authorized dealers. Do not permit operation by persons not qualified for operating the device. DuraTruss Strap with tensioner Hercules LSB lighting stand Dirty Rigger Comfort Fit technician gloves,