License Eucon Protocol to Third Party Manufacturers Allow other companies full access to the Eucon code base so they can develop next. It’s funny how people are asking SSL, Neve etc to integrate Eucon into their consoles without thinking that the reason AVID bought Euphonix. Everywhere this protocol is brought up, it’s highly praised. I don’t believe that Eucon is that much of a closed protocol anymore since Avid’s.

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Find More Posts by RBowlin. So, after all, it still seems a little complex, right? It’s a shame, it’s a very promising control protocol. However, I might watch this one and keep it in mind for the next unexpected windfall Ok I just check again Here’s someone who seems to have it working:.

One of us users is trying to procure the SDK from Avid. Cockos could get it too you know.

Haven’t received registration validation E-mail? Reaper could slip right in to users who have those rigs, and there are a lot of them. Try Max free for 30 days. The Slate Raven MTi2. There’s no law against accidental compatibility: I see that Behringer has just come out with a couple of small moving fader controllers “X-Touch” that are affordable, but they look like they have just implemented HUI protocol, which I find pretty limited.

I’d guess it’s highly unlikely that EUCON lacks some form of encryption, however – making this a non-trivial effort. So how is that useful, you may ask?


The MIDI-Bus is simply to slow and the acces methods for querying and setting parameters are too limited. So, is there a better way?

Taking Control of Pro Tools with a DAW Controller

I keep trying to envision the perfect setup for my studio and it is hard. I haven’t had time to explore yet, but would like it to work with Max.

From small artist transport units to full facility System 5 rigs. Find More Posts by airon.

Taking Control of Pro Tools with a DAW Controller | Pro Tools Production

Hope that helps – any suggestions for improvement welcome! I think this will come at some point. Eucon is in many a software but only avid makes any hardware. I would be very interested proticol this also. The build quality is low but at that price you may be able to afford two Cycling ’74 will be closed on Dec 25th, 26th, and Jan 1st.

Originally Posted by RBowlin I certainly hope so. But trying to get any info I can for a project maybe even a SDK If you have the money, it might be worth it. Originally Posted by airon. Such products already exist and the most successful one is made by Slate Digital. User Name Remember Me? DAD at the time where PT hardware was the hardware dongle for their software, and they used a proprietary hardware interface to try to lock everyone else out.

Euphonix EuCon Control Protocol Integrated Into MIO Console – ProSoundWeb

I think that in my dream studio I would have both a version of the Raven console and the Console 1. As long as eucon prktocol in the daw then any automation upgrades are basically unnecessary.


May 10 Because of large sets of parameter-data to transfer, i want to avoid midi. Send a private message to musicbynumbers. This is the only protocol that is fully implemented in Pro Tools. This is called a eucob protocol and there are three main control protocols.

Future Sonar Support for EuCon Protocol?

Send a private message to Shan. All Avid control surfaces employ this protocol — the Artist Mix euucon a great example of such a product. You tell me whar a man gits his corn pone, en I’ll tell you what his euconn is.

The second edition of the product has just been released at NAMM and Softube announced that the the Console 1 mkII will boast even more power than the first edition for less money as now, people will also be able to load UAD plug-ins into console 1. Their revolutionary product called the Raven comes in several shapes and sizes and prices but they all essentially provide a similar set of features.

They could all talk to Reaper.