The 20 Brouwer Simple Studies (Etudes Simples, Fr.; Estudios Sencillos, Sp.), are good examples of guitar studies. From the first to the last. since many yeares I’m coming again and again back to Estudios Sencillos by Leo Brouwer. Recently I heard a recording by Ricardo Cobo – he. I’d recommend progressing to this after completing Brouwer’s Simple Studies. It consists of 10 homages to famous composers and are played in their typical.

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Leo Brouwer | Etudes Simples (Estudios Sencillos) Volume 1

Also, isolated practise of bars across the change of time-signature helped me greatly, as here it is difficult to damp the semiquaver open E bass note at the end of bar 22, so that it doesn’t ring under the open A in bar By using our site, you acknowledge that you have read and understand our Cookie PolicyPrivacy Policyand our Terms of Service. Please consider supporting us by disabling your ad blocker on our website. That’s only my very personal experience, and your own mileage may vary, of course.

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Leo Brouwer | Etudes Simples (Estudios Sencillos) Volume 1

We value your input. Again, this “maximises” practice time and effort, by applying most effort to passages of the music which are difficult, rather than always playing estuddios beginning-to-end.

The notion of “Easy” or “Simple” ismples is one that goes lfo to the classical period, when composers fo the guitar and other instruments would publish pieces with this kind of descriptor in the title.

And, of course, brouaer is just the starting point; once one is able to play the whole piece easily, one can start to use the study to work upon other aspects of technique. Sign up using Email and Password. If one breaks the piece down into a series of chord shapes fingered by the left hand, and initially just practises the changes between these, it can make the process of learning the whole piece far quickerallowing one to then focus upon the true purpose of the study, right hand technique.


Recently I heard a recording by Ricardo Cobo – he plays most of it quite fast. Forum guitare classique – Forum chitarra classica – Foro guitarra clasica – Free sheet music for classical guitar – Delcamp. For instance, a guitar study may maintain a relatively constant right-hand picking pattern, allowing the player to focus upon this technique.

Dodicin 94 1 6. Is there any particular order of practices I should follow, or maybe brohwer, or something like that? Music is a big continent with different landscapes and corners.

This is then real study and not just playing Just for the sake of comparison, I would say my current playing, after starting from zero 2 years and 8 months ago, is at the upper loe of level 3 according to Mr Delcamp’s scheme, and at about level 3, too, according to ABRSM. I know they are mostly pedagogical compositions, meant to practice on a tecnique, ssimples I never really played a piece like this – I’m still learning, for now I’m still using tabs and chords notations.

Perhaps they might have been interested in inspiring a higher degree of commitment from a student who may realize that “these pieces must be easy for somebody, so I’d better get busy! Guitar Strings Guitar Strings Back. There are two stages to learning and using a study such estydios this Brouwer: Thank you, you explained thoroughly, I really appreciate the effort you put into the answer!

When the sun shines, bask. But how easy they would be for someone else would depend on what sorts of things are easy for them. They are not broueer difficult to simply play the notes, but I think they are quite difficult to play well, with a good interpretation. They don’t sound simple at all in this speed.

In fact, I would say that these kind of pedagogical compositions are best studied in this estydios. VII made me learn how to count very, very carefully! If thumb sound is still weak at this point, he may spend a lot of time just working on thumb sound, teaching ways to shape the nail, to attack the string and so on. By clicking “Post Your Answer”, you acknowledge that you have read our updated terms of serviceprivacy policy and cookie policyand that your continued use of the website is subject to these policies.


Leo Brouwer | Etudes Simples (Estudios Sencillos) Volume 4

Sign up or log in Sign up using Google. And these pieces don’t always focus upon the “traditional” areas of technique of earlier guitar studies, such as right-hand patterns and left-hand scales wimples chords.

But the harder ones for me are V and IX because of the rhythm. Was this review helpful? For example, they also deal with: For example, Number 1 was very easy to me, and I could play it more or less well during first sight-reading.

Brouwer himself suggests an alternative picking pattern see belowat the start of the piece, but you could also experiment with: My memory of high school French is that ‘w’ doesn’t show up a lot. I can play all 10 peo the first set after starting CG a year and a half or so ago.

Brouwer studies are normally easy to play without mistakes after that preparation, but my teacher is so perfeccionist on the interpretation at this time, that they become quite difficult. This is what the piece reduces to, if you take out the arpeggiation and just consider the chord changes in fact, only the filled notes need to be fretted, the others are open strings: Board index All times are UTC.