Type 3 & 4 web slings are tapered at 3″ and wider unless otherwise specified. Type 4 twisted eye slings are generally furnished unless otherwise specified. YALE FUNDA PROTECTORA AS SIMPLE CARA / P. ESLINGA MM See Product. Capris Code: YALE FUNDA. vileda. VIRUTEX. WAHL. WD WD WENKO. WIHA. wolfcraft. WORX. YALE. ZIBRO. PRODUCTOS. Calefacción · Cámping / Playa · Climatización industrial.

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Sling Angle is the angle measured between a horizontal line and the sling leg or body.

Braided Roundslings will achieve higher working load limits, while maintaining the lighter weight and flexibility properties available in our entire Roundsling line. Mennens Belgium uses cookies to offer you a better browsing experience during your visit to our website.

HHERS Roundslings offer a ligthweigth non-marring sling, with exceptional strength and adaptability, to handle all sizes and types of eslingax. The weight of the load shall be within eslinggas rated capacity of the sling.

Select a row from the table eslinvas, then click the add to quote button. Contact Vitshoekstraat 10 Havennr. Range A for a flange width up to mm is standard and covers approx. Capacity – kg The combination of the Yalelift with a low headroom manual trolley provides even more flexibility in the ap-plication of the Yalelift Even under the toughest conditions the internal gear-box remains protected.



Click on the link below or view our website policy in the footer. The Yalelift can even be operated from the side of the load which also makes it possible to use the hoist for horizontal pulling or tensioning.

Mennens Belgium website policy. Want to know more? This inspection shall be conducted by designated personnel. Conversion to range B for beam width up to mm can be easily accomplished. Eperience gained on the service life of slings used in similar applications.

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Slings are available in nylon and polyester webbing. Mennens Belgium uses cookies to offer you a better browsing experience during your visit to our website. Periodic inspections should be conducted at least monthly.

Contact us for advice without any obligations! This data is only for equally loaded sling legs.

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We have a complete range of activities: Type 6 Reversed EyeWeb Slings. Available up to a capacity of kg. Type 4 twisted eye slings are generally furnished unless eslingsa specified. Mennens Group More than years of expertise and experience have lead Mennens to be marketleader in the Benelux. Frequency of sling use.


Severity of service condittions. A has been further reduced. They Work Well in all three hitch configurations. Rated Capacities in Lbs. Capacity – kg Areas of operation as well as operator conditions have been improved far beyond those of a classical hand chain hoist.

Type 9 Reversed Eye Web Slings. Do not exceed rated capacities. The ratings must be reduced when lifting at angles of less than 90 degrees with the horizontal. See load factor chart. Mennens Belgium website policy.