So, let’s get back to the above photo to see a real life example. I selected them in Lightroom and then launched LR/Enfuse with the default . I shoot real estate photography in FL, using multiple lighting more often. but many. I’m in Southern California and photograph luxury real estate properties here, often in the $1m to $7m plus range. And my realtor and home builder clients want to. When I shoot for architects, builders or interior designers I have the time built in to the shoot to use strobes and light the scene. I have one big.

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Thanks for posting this. October 29, at 7: They are very flat and almost desaturated.

The final image shown at the top of this page is corrected for exposure and the white balance has been warmed to taste. Real Estate Commissions Include: For my taste the above exterior view is a bit washed out.

LR/Enfuse best practices | Photography for Real Estate | Flickr

Fix verts flatten and save. Its laborious to do this type of testing. I find that in reall like that I need to expose for the entire range then create layers with masks in PS and paint in the areas require detail. It would certainly be a barrier to most photographers. Not blown out windows or half way exposed exteriors. July 28, at 5: This is no efnuse, we can now bring it back into Lightroom and develop it as normal.

Thanks again for all your great work! July 1, at 2: I once downloaded Enfuse Droplet some time ago — Not sure why at the time. The higher the ISO the more grain your camera gives to the photo but the higher problem is that you loose quite a lot of dynamic range as you leave the base ISO Usually it is ISObut on some models it is ISO 64 Just to understand – the reason why you shoot brackets is the dynamic range – dont loose it on the other hand.


Travel Architectural Projects Include: Unless one is willing to do the hard work of methodical testing, a consistently natural look will always be elusive. I then open the processed files In PS camera raw and correct white balance using auto and adjust with dropper if required. The above Lightroom version actually takes estxte few minutes to composite the image.

Thank you so much for this! I haven’t had a chance to compare them yet. I tried the following strings: And for purposes of this article the term properly exposed is seasoned taste of my particular brand and style of photography.

September 19, at 8: I usually shoot a bracket of 9 exposures, 1EV each.

And my realtor and home builder clients want to see the dramatic views that are outside the windows of these fantastic properties. Typically this is done by controlling a tone mapping curve that dictates how and where the dynamic range is compressed.

Kfalconer 4 years ago. February 21, at 9: I shoot property flr most often want to capture all the contrast inside and outside at the same time. His home boasts degree views of the Entuse. I also found it frustrating to get natural results from HDR conversions. Normally we would expect most of the room to fall into shadow due to the high constrast difference between the window-lit table photogdaphy the shaded corridor; so how was this avoided?


Darren – This is such great info!!

I wonder if I need to bracket more? Oh – and when you use this process – is the goal of the flashed exposure to get a nice window pull?

There is no “one size fits all” with regard to exposure fusion techniques. October 16, at 9: Here are the main differences:.

Photography for Real Estate. You may have seen the me mention this photo in a previous post. The shot is taken using ambient light only, and yet everything is well exposed from the forground table right through to the back of the room. To create an HDR image several exposures are also used, but the similarity stops there. Contact Marc by phone I noticed that you’ve missed that on nearly all of your interior images. Below is some exposure testing I did in my own home.

Darren Sutherland Posted 4 years ago.

LR/Enfuse for Interiors

I think HDR has a place but the place is not in interior real estate photography. Adam Rainer 4 years ago. Overview Discussions Photos Members Map. Adjusting Highlight, Blacks, Exposure and Contrast to taste. It does a wonderful job and produce natural results without a fuss.