Luttwak’s become the unthinkable. And here he has succeeded magnificently. For peacemakers and warmakers alike”. — Harry G. Summers, Jr., New York. If Edward Luttwak does not always persuade, he always provokes. In this superb book, one that will become a classic of strategy, he does both. He may. Strategy: The Logic of War and Peace rev. and enlarged ed. by Edward N. Luttwak Cambridge, MA: The Belknap. Press of Harvard University Press,

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It can appear when more advanced technology yields a worse result because it discourages the enemy. Clausewitz would blush in envy, although many of his ideas are a hyper complex version of some points made by Clausewitz.

Interesting book covering Grand strategy: Edward Nicolae Luttwak is a military strategist, political scientist, and historian who has published works on military strategy, history, and international relations.

Mass conflict has always featured as a foundation-stone of the human endeavor, and an all too quick recourse when negotiation fails or offence is taken. These case studies and historical examples lend themselves to a quasi-social scientific framework reminiscent of Neustadt and May. Nov 02, James Murphy rated it it was amazing. It is a formidable work. One of the paradoxes of war, he tells us, is that it creates peace by destroying the means necessary to engage in combat. A Case for Rebel Victory?

He is a game theorist in his own right, too, but with an understanding of the irrationality of the game. A variety of lessons learned are clearly presented and illustrated with historical examples in an understandable manner. Luttwak spends considerable time writing about the importance of persuasion and dissuasion through military power, the importance of harmony in the relation of vertical strategy military operations to horizontal diplomacy, propaganda, public opinion.

Jon-Erik rated it it was amazing Mar 06, This example of paradox is simply the first of many from a world history rich with conflict. Had France relied on a less successful technique, such as trenches, Germany might have chosen a frontal attack, which France would have been able to intermit.


In the tradition of Carl von Clausewitz, Strategy goes beyond paradox to expose the dynamics of reversal at work in the crucible of conflict. Open Preview See a Problem?

Did I mention it was exhaustive? As victory is turned into defeat by over-extension, as war brings peace by exhaustion, ordinary linear logic is overthrown. Jun 07, Adam Halley rated it it was amazing. The greatest virtue stfategy war is that, in destruction, it consumes the ability to continue it indefinitely In ot same chapter, Luttwak also touches upon two issues, which he described in a greater length in other articles, namely the argument against peacekeeping, and the idea of post-heroic warfare.

Without that knowledge, it’s hard to follow the author’s point. Nikita rated it it was logicc Mar 03, The greatest captains of military history, from Alexander the Great to Napoleon and beyond, straetgy all defeated by less famous enemies, just as the brilliant Rommel was defeated by the infinitely mediocre Montgomery.

Want to Read saving…. Luttwak’s consideration if his subject it exhaustive. He also provides consulting services to governments and international enterprises including various branches of the U. In the preface, Luttwak explains: Navy United vehicles victory vulnerable warfare.

Such insights wash away the illusion of peaceful thf over the longue duree. Yet the greater production possibilities for a given weapon leads to greater exposure for enemies who ultimately adapt, thereby undermining its effectiveness.

It is written in simple English, presented clearly enough for even this Arts graduate to understand.

Luttwak presents as a central thesis that all war and peace is paradoxical. Preview — Strategy by Edward N.

The Logic of War and Peace. Not as good as his first magnum opus, Coup d’etat. It’s like borders, like the distinctions of languages, it always exists. While Tthe have enjoyed and benefited from other works of Luttwak, this Strategy shows both his comprehension of his field and his brilliance.


Strategy: The Logic of War and Peace

PaperbackEnlarged, Revisedpages. Dpmcdermott rated it it was amazing Dec 26, Luttwak notes that these factors are realities of human existence, but still historians should view each conflict as unique in its own right. Welcome to the world of a paradoxical logic, where war facilitates peace by destroying state’s means to engage in a conflict and peace breeds war by making the state lkgic and daring enough to resort to brute force.

These are just a few of the fascinating ideas and issues Luttwak deals with. Origins and Logci in Interpretation William C. Insightful book on how strategy uses its own paradoxical logic rather than normal linear logic. No trivia or quizzes yet. The book covers every conceivable aspect of making war in the abstract illustrated with copious examples of successes and failures.

I believe Strategy achieves what the author set out to do. User Review – Flag as inappropriate luttwaak is it.

Strategy: The Logic of War and Peace – Edward N. Luttwak – Google Books

Jan 07, Dmitry Zlokazov rated it it was ok. War is arguably the greatest tragedy of our species; it is the uniform event that diverse cultures use to punctuate their courses of history. The book is the equivalent of a full course in the subject of Strategy and should be of interest to both the military historian as well as anyone who has to realistically deal managing scarce time and resources One of the best non-fiction books I’ve ever read in a long long time!

He discusses the pros and cons of using the element of surprise, the irrati Bravo!

The first three levels are relatively small in scale, while the latter two levels are much broader in operational and planning scope.