Born in Nebraska in Ed Ruscha grew up in the mid-west city of Oklahoma. Following an early interest in cartooning, Ruscha pursued a career in. Edward Ruscha Twentysix Gasoline Stations , printed Not on view. Medium: Artist’s book; Dimensions: overall (closed): 7 x 5 1/2 x 1 9/16″ ( x 14 . Edward Ruscha Twentysix Gasoline Stations from Book Covers Not on view. Medium: One from a series of six lithographs; Dimensions: composition: 8.

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Twentysix Gasoline Stationsa modest publication consisting of black and white photographs with captions, is an iconic artist book. All of the gasoline stations are on Route 66a road that had already been mythologized by the TV series Route 66 and in Steinbeck’s The Grapes of Wrathand later reappeared as a motif in Dennis Hopper’s Easy Rider.

Ruscha’s books combined the literalness of early California pop art with a flat-footed photographic aesthetic informed by minimalist notions of repetitive sequence and seriality The book is printed in black offset on white paper. There are no cars visible in some of the photographs and almost all are taken from the other side of the highway.

Take a look at the Miami club Theaster Gates just opened. Apart from this, the numbering on the last page of the first edition and the details of each edition at the beginning of the book, the three are indistinguishable. A lot of critics have assigned a religious sub-text to the work, seeing a correlation between the gasoline stations and the 14 Stations of the Crosstraditionally the staging posts between Pilate’s condemnation and the burial of Christ after his crucifixion on Calvary.

Twentysix Gasoline Stations

Ruscha would drive home to visit his parents in Oklahoma four or five times a year [9] after leaving home at 18; many of the journeys were taken with his friend and fellow artist Joe Goode. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. This page was last edited on 12 Julyat I wasn’t coming out here [California] to do anything in particular, or to be anything in particular except The book is covered with a semi-transparent glassine dust jacket for protection. I knew it would be photographs of twenty-six gasoline stations.


Twentysix Gasoline Stations was first published in although the title page states in an edition of numbered copies. Who is Jean Jullien giving his book to this Christmas?

No wigs required for this Warhol Xmas card! Who knows why these Agnes Martin paintings are hanging beside Navajo blankets? About fifty copies of the first edition came in a black cardboard slipcase. When I was in Oklahoma I got a brainstorm in the middle of the night to do this little book called Twentysix Gasoline Stations. Although Ruscha has admitted knowledge of Evans’ work, he has dismissed it as an influence.

Archived from the original on Main menu additional Become a Member Shop. They have none of the nuances of the hand-made and crafted limited edition book.

It has been suggested that these reprints were a deliberate attempt to flood the market in order to maintain the book’s status as a cheap, mass-produced commodity. The books have the trappings of poppy commercialism about them, like misguided instruction books, or a partially complete guide to life in the 20th century. From the first service station, ‘Bob’s Service’ in Los Angeles where Ruscha lived, the book follows a journey back to Oklahoma City where he had grown up and where his mother still lived.

Gasline template wayback links CS1 maint: The title appears in red lettering on the cover and spine. Thirty twentysic later, with a quarter of a century of mainstream artworld activity between, the aspect of shock-effect ruschq humor has diminished somewhat. Ed Ruscha By offering only ‘technical data’ the artist lets us see something exceptional in pools, gas stations and baby photos.


The NY Times loves everything about our Freud book. They are simply a collection of ‘facts’, my book is more like a collection of readymades There is a connection between my work and my statiohs with religious icons, and the stations of the cross and the Church generally, but it’s in one of method, you know; I do have some flavors that come over, like the incense Artists Who Make Books: The book was relatively cheap: Archived copy as title All sgations with unsourced statements Articles with unsourced statements from May But in sic this work read against the photographic landscape of highly aestheticized image-making.

Nine Swimming Pools and a Broken Glass is similarly deadpan, with a run of blue, inviting pools rounded off with a less swimmer friendly image of a cracked drinking glass. In Miami this week? All images reproduced in Artists Who Make Books. Clive Phillpot, writer, curator and former Director of the Library at the Museum of Modern Art, New York, observes that the photographs are not reproduced in a linear sequence, with five photographs out of order.

David Dawson reveals how Lucian Freud painted in private.

Edward Ruscha. Twentysix Gasoline Stations. , printed | MoMA

It has 26 photographs on 48 pages. Originally printed in a numbered edition ofa second edition of was published in and a third of in By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Get to know Tomi Ungerer in five images.