Complete summary of E. M. Forster’s The Road from Colonus. eNotes plot summaries cover all the significant action of The Road from Colonus. THE ROAD FROM COLONUS Source for information on The Road From Colonus by E. M. Forster, Reference Guide to Short Fiction dictionary. The Road from Colonus has 32 ratings and 6 reviews. The story of The Road from Colonus was inspired by a visit Forster made to Greece in An elder.

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Then he remembered with a smile his own thought—”the place shall be mine; I will enter it and possess it”—and leapt almost aggressively on to a stone within.

All those people, those poor half savage people, tried, to keep you, and they’re dead. I have made all my plans on the supposition that we are stopping here, and it will be extremely inconvenient, indeed, impossible for me to start. Retrieved December 31, from Encyclopedia. His humanistic impulse toward understanding and sympathy may be aptly summed up in the epigraph to his novel Howards End: She emerged at last, with close-gathered skirts, followed by the dragoman bearing the little pig, which he had bought at a bargain.

Home Groups Talk Zeitgeist. Forster was careful to identify the contents as “fantasies. But I do hope that some day you too will feel that I was—damn! Ethel’s decision to leave Khan enforced upon her father eventually saves their lives – an oppressed old man vs. He does not feel that anyone can share the revelation he has experienced, and he becomes afraid that if he leaves the place he will lose the feeling himself. His foot slipped as he stepped out of the tree, and went into the spring.


Forster, E. M. "The Road from Colonus". :: Anglistika

The best of things must end. The Greek children say farewell by shying stones at them. The others patronize Mr. Refresh and try again.

Anna rated it liked it Oct 21, The Khan was hidden under the green dome, but in the open there still stood three figures, and through the pure air rose up a faint cry of defiance or farewell.

And Aunt Julia hates noise. Graham had to turn away to hide their smiles. Lucas is a version also of Oedipus, complete with daughter and a wish not to be rushed away from Colonus. Who would miss him? For the last month a strange desire had possessed him to die fighting. Lucas, an Englishman, is growing old. He no j cares.

The Road from Colonus

As he fought, the issue assumed gigantic proportions, and he believed that he was not merely stopping because he had regained youth or seen beauty or found happiness, but colonua in, that place and with those people a supreme event was awaiting him which would transfigure the face of the world. You’ve saved my father. She was unselfish and affectionate, and roae was generally understood that she was to devote her life to her father, and be the comfort of his old age.


The simple country folk had paid to beauty and mystery such tribute as they could, for in the rind of the tree a shrine was cut, holding a lamp and a little picture of the Virgin, inheritor of the Naiad’s and Dryad’s joint abode.

Nov 25, Jay Cardam rated it really liked it. They had suddenly become unfamiliar, and all that they did seemed strained and coarse. For a moment he hesitated to violate the shrine.

Lucas with Oedipus and Ethel with his daughter, Antigone. Trevelyan’s composite character, “poor Muggleton,” who drudged his way through the classics at school and university, hating the manner of teaching but loving the subject matter, and finally achieving intellectual and emotional apotheosis when at last he visits Greece.

Read by Andrew Sachs. It reminds me of the Colonus of Sophocles. Had he been brutal? Amazon Kindle 0 editions.