View map. Just Eat dublinbikes stations are distributed in close proximity to each other in Dublin city centre, so you are never far away from renting or returning a. Station map. (02/08/). View the Just Eat dublinbikes station map to discover the network locations. Station map · Just_Eat_Food_Envy_dublinbikes_home. Here’s our map showing the planned DublinBikes stations (red pins) along with view the map released by Dublin City Council: DublinBikes extension map.

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I ran this from January until late August when I finally remembered about the project idea again. Recall that these are found using the average weekday usage for each station and so time of day is along the x-axis. I wanted to understand this in more detail and find out if there are a handful of different behavioural types that all stations could be categorised into, and how this might vary around the city.

Get updates Get updates. In the first ten months of the scheme, it was reported that there were over 37, users, overjourneys, no accidents, no vandalism, and only one bike missing which was recovered.

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Location of planned DublinBikes stations (map) –

Apply for your Leap Card! List of stations Click here for the full list of Just Eat dublinbikes stations and to download the map. Information in parentheses shows the operator s. This will average out the effects of rainy days, cold days, special events etc. This page was last edited on 2 Decemberat Retrieved 10 May Never miss a story from Towards Data Sciencewhen you sign up for Medium. Each station is then categorised according to its closest match to the three profiles.

In the evening the opposite occurs as people head back home from work. Starting at the end of Junethe brand was dublinbokes Coca-Cola Zero Dublinbikes and the Coca-Cola Zero brand was added to each individual bike in return for investment in the scheme.


On 10 May post-launchcity councillors in Dublin voted for more advertising hoardings to be used duglinbikes help with payments, with more than 30, people having subscribed 1, was the predicted number of subscribers for this stage of the project. Click here for more information on using your Leap Card to access Just Eat dublinbikes. List of bicycle-sharing systems. Each station is equipped with an automatic rental terminal and stands for 20 to 40 bicycles.

Approximately 1, people used the bicycles in the first six hours, with a further thousand people having kap to use them. Contact us For telephone queries please contact: Retrieved 11 May Retrieved from ” https: See below for pricing structure:.

By continuing to use the website, you consent to the use of cookies. On 20 JulyJust Eat took over as the commercial partner for the next three years.

DublinBikes Map

In Novembera major five-year expansion plan was adopted due to the huge success of the scheme thus far. I used Euclidean distance for determining similarity of the different time series, which is a bit simplistic and not generally recommended for time series data.

I collected data every 2 minutes from a public API from January to August to build up a decently sized historical data set from which we can work out typical weekday usage profiles for each of the stations. View map Just Eat dublinbikes stations are distributed in close proximity to each other in Dublin city centre, so you are never far away from renting dkblinbikes returning a bike.

Usage patterns of Dublin Bikes stations

More advanced methods like dynamic time warping could be used if a more robust approach is needed. As mentioned previously I then calculated average weekday profiles for each of the stations, then used k-means clustering to determine the three archetypal behavioural categories with which I would categorise each station. James Blocked Unblock Follow Following. Retrieved 13 May Sign in Get started. When we plot the stations on a map and colour code them by category a really interesting picture emerges, as shown in the top image or click here to open a tab for the interactive map.

Station map View the Just Eat dublinbikes station map to discover the network locations. Prices effective from 13 February We are free to choose a higher value but the results become more complicated to interpret due to the increasing number of possible categories, however we would expect the behavioural profiles to be a better fit to the actual data.


When launched in there was a total of 40 bike stations and bikes. Dublinbikes styled “dublinbikes” is a public bicycle rental scheme which has operated in the city of Dublin since The rental terminals also display information about neighbouring dublinbike stations, including location, number of available bicycles and open stands.

By characterising the stations by only their usage patterns we can see this also results in a high degree of spatial clustering. Dublinbikes Overview Locale DublinIreland Transit type Bicycle sharing system Number of stations [1] Daily ridership 42, annual subscribers [2] Website dublinbikes. A fleet of bicycle-transporting vehicles are used to redistribute bicycles between empty and full stations. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. A Shimano hub dynamo in the front wheel generates power for front and rear always-on LED lighting.

Just Eat dublinbikes stations are distributed in close proximity to each other in Dublin city centre, so you are never far away from renting or returning a bike.

Archived from the original on 5 June Have you got a great photo of Just Eat dublinbikes that you would like to share with us? Retrieved 10 August In other projects Wikimedia Commons.

Archived from the original ,ap 22 February The bikes are used mainly for commuting to and from work so it seems natural that some sort of spatial pattern would occur. I hope to put online a talk I gave at PyData Dublin in October which explains this in more technical detail.