Items 1 – 50 of In an effort to provide an easy way to introduce and implement a high-psionics campaign, Dreamscarred Press is proud to announce the first. The latest Tweets from Dreamscarred Press (@dreamscarred). Publisher of rules supplements for Pathfinder, Starfinder, and Prosper, TX. Dreamscarred Press makes a wide variety of classes using different subsystems of rules, which are detailed below. Akashic Magic. Akasha is an ancient form of.

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Because the Psionics Guide may finish before the Bestiary is finished, we may ship these separately. With the new prese voyager class, Psionics Augmented: Extras Shop the Open Gaming Store!

We learned a tremendous amount from our previous Kickstarters and have built this project to be successful using those lessons learned.

Dreamscarred Press is creating Roleplaying Games | Patreon

Questions about this project? It’s a way to bring creative projects to life.

Focused Disciplines Psionics Augmented: By initiating these in combat, the martial disciple prexs a powerful edge that can even rival the powers of the spellcasters of the world. To date, we have released multiple products thanks to Patreon funding, including: These crude magical constructs are sustained by attaching them to points in the body that naturally conduct energy, called chakra.

This includes new character options and GM tools. Higher-tier patreons will be able to vote on which project should the next for release. The new voyager base class, a psionic manifester with 6th level powers focused on movement Two new voyager archetypes – the crossfire and metronome.


Dreamscarred Press | Pathfinder Psionics | Miniatures

Psionic Tattoos – the psionic tattoo evokes the possibility for a character covered in designs that improve or grant him abilities. Mar 20, – Apr 19, 30 days.

Psionics works differently, so our preas would be to create character sheets with spots to record your power points, powers known, and other psionic abilities. Support Select this reward. The Bestiary will be a separate book, so as to not impact the completion and shipping of the Psionics Guide. Ruling Three From the Deep 3: Unfortunately, the cost of these new projects are much higher than those we’ve previously produced in-house, with additional costs for writers, editors, artists, cartographers, and layout.

Premium prints are done using more traditional offset printing processes, which are more expensive when done at smaller runs because of the setup cost. The Psionics Guide will include the following material to expand your options in a Science Fantasy campaign:.

If we get higher funding, we’ll expand the size of the release. If we want to get an affordable, traditional offset print run, we need to order at least copies of the dreamzcarred to be cost effective. Strength, Dexterity, and Constitution, are also factors.

You get to have your ereamscarred as one of the iconic aegis characters in the book. Three new artifacts, including the Chessboard of the Astral Army, the Incinerator Cannon, and the Liar’s Quill The new forgelord prestige class, who uses prsss expertise in magical item creation to bring forth the full potential of magical items The rules for Legendary Items and the Legendary Items from Ultimate Psionics for those who do not already have that book.


The werewolf template for player characters Different aspects of lycanthropy and how to use it in your game Werewolf-themed archetypes including the moonlight meditant, silverblade hunter, unshackled rager, and wild huntmaster Three new prestige classes: The biggest challenge is going to be ensuring everything ships on time.

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Voyager requires the use of Ultimate Psionics. While modern spellcasters scoff at wielders of akasha as crude and unrefined amateurs, non-traditionalists still practice the ancient arts of shaping akasha — known as veilweaving — and trust implicitly in its power and reliability.

We have run multiple successful Kickstarters in the past and have put together a team to ensure that any additional writing gets completed in a timely fashion, artists who are ready to do the work, and printers who are able to handle the volume of books. Sell in the Open Gaming Store! At its basic roots, the Path of War allows for martially-inclined characters to harness new abilities to aid them in combat.

Viverror December 30, nwright Divine Archetypes: Altovilla and Patrick C.