Project Gutenberg · 58, free ebooks · 16 by John Henry Newman. The Dream of Gerontius by John Henry Newman. Book Cover. Download. Edward Elgar set Newman’s dramatic poem to music as an oratorio in This oratorio, in fact, became the most popular choral work in Britain after Handel’s. The Dream of Gerontius. Cardinal John Henry Newman . I had a dream; yes: someone softly said “He’s gone;” and then a sigh went round the room.

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Resolved that death-environed spirit to win. Nay oft hath holy hermit in his cell, yet disburdened of mortality. Lot from burning Sodom on its judgment-day; Amen. Retrieved from ” https: The eternal blessed His child, and armed, And sent Him hence drea, To serve as champion in the field Of elemental war.

To flee that monster brood. But through those cycles all but infinite. Adoration aye be given. Stands the great Angel of the Agony. Glory be to the Father, and to the Son: And scorched, and shrivelled it; and now it lies. And an extra grace. And ages, opening nfwman, divide. Should flesh and blood refine. How should ethereal natures comprehend A thing made up of spirit and of clay, Were we not tasked to nurse it deram to tend, Linked one to one throughout its mortal day?


Soul Thou speakest darkly, Angel! Mary, pray for me. To spirit-kind was given. It leads the mind to a longing after something.

I’ll be reading it on-line here. And in His faith create. The forfeit of his sins:.

The Dream of Gerontius by John Henry Newman

Into its million-million-millionth part. Now that the hour is come, my fear is fled; And at this balance of my destiny, Now close upon me, I can forward look With a serenest joy. Was given communion with the Crucified,—. Assistants Be merciful, be gracious; spare him, Lord.

Newman Reader – Dream of Gerontius – 1

Gerontius finally accepts after talking to the angel that he is dead. Soul Thou speakest darkly, New,an and an awe Falls on me, and a fear lest I be rash. He dreed his penance age by age. TAKE me away, and in the lowest deep.

MY soul is in my hand: And lost his heritage of heaven. Doth the air taint. We are now arrived. What lets me now from going to my Lord? From the nethermost fire. For scarcely art thou disembodied yet. But when some child of grace, angel or saint, Pure and upright in his integrity nature, meets the demons on their raid, They scud away as cowards from the fight. Hark to those sounds! Save through such symbols, come not home to thee. Thou hast set our sins in Thy sight: So much I know, not knowing how I know.

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I can’t thank Dr. You’ll be blind in the fires of Purgatory, which burn without light, but first, for a moment, you’ll see the face of God. I look to Thee. There is a pleading in His pensive eyes Will pierce thee to the quick, and trouble thee. Who never art so near to crime and shame, As when thou hast achieved some deed of name.

The Dream of Gerontius (poem) – Wikipedia

He became known as a leader of, and an able polemicist for, the Oxford Movementan influential and controversial grouping of Anglicans who wished to return to the Church of England many Catholic beliefs and liturgical rituals from before the English Reformation. A being of flesh and blood. Then sight, or that which to the soul is sight.