Directorio general para la catequesis (Spanish) Paperback – 1 Nov ); Language: Spanish; ISBN ; ISBN Merece especial atención la primera de dichas instrucciones32, la que lleva por de la Iglesia Católica, o del Directorio General para la Catequesis de Directorio general para la catequesis at – ISBN – ISBN – Editorial Edice – – Softcover.

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Because of this the Church usually desires that the first stage in the catechetical process be dedicated to ensuring conversion. In this case too and expecially if presented by teachers with a sincere respect for the Christian religion, religious instruction maintains a true dimension of “evangelic preparation”.

It will, however, incorporate all those “original expressions of life, of celebrations and of thought which are Christian”, proper to a particular cultural tradition and are the fruits of the work and inculturation of the local Church.

These are all the sources, principle or subsidiary, of catechesis but must not be understood in a narrow sense. Gospel authenticity excludes both of these attitudes which are contrary to the true meaning of mission. It is not yet that of the glorious proclamation of the journey’s end; rather, it is one which corresponds to the “times of the Church”.

These Encyclicals constitute in themselves a synthetic corpus of coherent doctrine with regard to the renewal of ecclesial life desired by the Second Vatican Council.

Re-awakening these to the faith is a real challenge for the Church. The proclamation of this judgement, with its power to form consciences, is a central element in the Gospel, and Good News for the world: This is possible only by means of the action of the Holy Spirit.

And these words which I command you this day shall be upon your heart; and you shall teach them diligently to your children, and shall talk of them when you sit in your house, and when you walk by the way, and when you lie down, and when you rise.

Directorio general para la catequesis

The ministry of the word must always give prominence directroio this wonderful characteristic, proper to the economy of Revelation: The Sacred Directorko and the catechism are the two basic doctrinal texts for the process of catechesis and must always be to hand. The wealth of the patristic tradition and the tradition of catechisms comes together in the actual catechesis of the Church, enriching her in her own concept of catechesis and of its contents.

Availing herself of the human sciences, 65 which are always necessary, the Church seeks to discover the meaning of the present situation within direcotrio perspective of the history of salvation. He proclaimed the Kingdom of God, 66 as the urgent and definitive intervention of God in history, and defined this proclamation “the Gospel”, that is, the Good News.


It will, then, analyse the need for local catechisms to adapt the content of the faith to different circumstances and cultures. It is analogous with human relationships: In the revision of the General Directory, its original inspiration and content were respected.

The Synod of underscored the need for a “comprehensive and structured” catechesis, since catechesis is principally distinguished from other forms of presenting the word of God by its comprehensive and vital deepening of the mystery of Christ. The entire Church, pastors and faithful, is responsible for its conservation and transmission.

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Baptismal identification with Christ. Catechesis, in presenting the Christian message, not only shows who God is and what his saving plan is, but, as Jesus himself did, it reveals man to man and makes him more aware of his sublime vocation.

These are intended to assist mission.

The ecclesial nature of catechesis confers on the transmitted Gospel message an inherent ecclesial character. Redemptor Hominis 4 MarchDives in Misericordia 30 NovemberDominum et Vivificantem 18 May and Generzl Missio 7 Decemberin which last, the permanent validity of the Church’s missionary mandate is re-affirmed.

Index of /catequesis/directorio/pic_directorio

Starting with the “initial” conversion of a person to the Lord, moved by the Holy Spirit through the primary proclamation of the Gospel, catechesis seeks to solidify and mature this first adherence.

The “providential plan” 75 of the Father, fully revealed in Jesus Christ, is realized by the power of the Holy Spirit. The Catechism of the Catholic Church thus constitutes a fundamental service by encouraging the proclamation of the Gospel and the teaching of the faith, which both draw their message from Dorectorio and Sacred Scripture entrusted geheral the Church, so as to achieve this function with complete authenticity.

Mention must also be made in a particular way of the ministry of Pope Paul VI, who shepherded the Cstequesis in the immediate post-conciliar period. This will be found in chapter one.

The Second Vatican Council set as one of its principal tasks the “better conservation and presentation of the precious deposit of Christian doctrine so as to render it more accessible to Christ’s faithful and to all men of good will”. In order to encourage this process, it is necessary to have a Christian community which welcomes the initiated, sustains them and forms them in the faith: Its first chapter, with regard to theology, recalls briefly the concept of Revelation as set forth in the genrral constitution Dei Verbum.

The whole Tradition of the Church together with Scripture is contained in the ” directkrio of faith”. Post-baptismal catechesis, without slavishly imitating the structure of the baptismal catechumenate, and recognizing in those driectorio be catechized the reality of their Baptism, does well, however, to draw inspiration from “this preparatory school for the Christian life”, and to allow itself to be enriched by those principal elements which characterize the catechumenate.


Henceforth catechesis would be considered as one of the caetquesis concerns of the Church’s missionary mandate for our times. Faith involves a change of life, a “metanoia”, that is a profound transformation of mind and heart; it causes the believer to live that conversion. In many of the great cities, for example, a situation requiring ” geeneral ad gentes ” can co-exist along with one which requires “new evangelization”. Indeed, other more immediate aids are necessary.

This is organized around the mystery of the Most Holy Trinity, in a christocentric perspective, because this is “the source of all the other mysteries of faith, the light that enlightens them”. Jesus proclaimed the Gospel integrally: Jesus catequessi careful attention to generao formation of the disciples whom he sent out on mission.

From a theological viewpoint, several important moments can be identified in the process of faith and conversion:. It is at once testimony and proclamation, word and sacrament, teaching and task. This patristic concept continues to illuminate the present catechumenate and initiatory catechesis itself. The Catechism of the Catholic Church and local catechisms, by their profound unity and rich diversity, are called to be a renewing leaven of catechesis in the Church.

In the case of students who are believers, religious instruction assists them to understand better the Christian cstequesis, by relating it to the great existential concerns common to all religions and gneeral every human being, to the various visions of life particularly evident in culture and to those major moral questions which confront humanity today.

Blessed are you that hunger now, for you shall be satisfied. Maturation and growth in the faith require their comprehensive and coherent development. Modern man is deeply influenced by this scientific and experimental method.

Directorio general para la catequesis: : Books

The Revelation of God, culminating egneral Jesus Christ, is destined for all mankind: Without it, missionary activity lacks continuity and is sterile, while pastoral activity lacks roots and becomes superficial and confused: Catechesis acquires certain characteristics in virtue of being an “essential moment” in the process of evangelization, in the service of Christian initiation. Finally, being initiatory, it incorporates into the community, which lives, celebrates and bears witness to the faith.

Linguistic theory, for example, shows that symbolic thought affords an approach to the mystery of the human person which would otherwise remain inaccessible.