Dicranopteris linearis. Photo: Petra Ballings Vumba, Jevington road. Dicranopteris linearis. Photo: Bart Wursten Aberfoyle, Honde Valley. The plant can spread rapidly and is used in soil stabilization schemes. Known Hazards. In places where the plant’s habitat has been burned over, the stiff, erect . Description. Rhizome widely creeping, glabrous at maturity. Fronds spaced apart. Stipe up to 1 m long, golden brown, glabrous. Lamina times dichotomously.

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The Diliman district in Quezon City in the Philippines ‘ National Capital Region derived its name from Dicranopteris linearis, locally known as “Dilim” the suffix “-an” indicates a place where something, in this case the fern, is common. This needs further investigation.

In Malaysia they were shaped into pens “kalam” used for Arabic calligraphy. Sori superficial, in a median liearis on each side of the midrib, subcircular, 1 mm in diameter; sporangia without indusia. Production is only locally important in tropical Africa.


The useful plants of West Tropical Africa. Working with ferns Volume 4, Chapter Further problems treated are: As Dicranopteris linearis linearis.

Dicranopteris linearis

The Ferns of Singapore Island. Last update on Read more about the Gleicheniales order. Moore Gleichenia ferruginea Blume Gleichenia sicranopteris R. Dicranopteris linearis Dicranopteris linearis x – 22k – jpg comfsm. Clarke Gleichenia rigida J.

The fern is a keystone species in Hawaiian ecosystemsand dominates many areas in Hawaiian rainforests.

A revised classification of New Zealand pteridophytes with a synonymic checklist of species. Flora of Tropical East Africa. In DR Congo the leaf axes are used to make a basket-type trap for fishes and are plaited for the construction of local beds.

Terrestrial fern, up to 3 m tall, with dichotomously didranopteris leaves; rhizome several m long, up to 5 mm in diameter, creeping, brown, covered with septate, branched hairs. The plaiting must be done when the fibres are still wet because when dry they are too brittle. Dicranopteeis notes on the New Zealand flora: Chemical and chemotaxonomical studies on Dicranopteris species.

Delessert, G image! Contributions to a chromosome atlas of the New Zealand flora — Read more about the Gleicheniaceae family. Clarke Polypodium dichotomum Thunb.

  ISO 15630-1 PDF

Dicranopteris linearis – Wikipedia

Dicranopteris linearis Conservation status. Spore atlas of New Zealand ferns and fern allies. Its rapid spread makes D.

Rachis bud sometimes extending once rarely twicehairy; rachis bud hairs red-brown, 1. Easy from rooted pieces. Ultimate segments narrowly oblong, 11—42 mm long, 2—4.

Dicranopteris linearis

The gametophyte is long-lived, subcordate to ribbon-like, with a thick central strand. The stems have also been used to make seats of chairs and stools, mats, pouches, hats, cigar cases, caps and to form woven partition-walls for houses. General Biology This hardy species can grow lijearis in nutrient-depleted soils. Dicranopteris linearis Dicranopteris linearis x – k – jpg www.

Publisher Bureau of Forestry, Manilla.