Such assays are suitable for the measurement of proteins at concentrations >5– 10 mg/L. .. Development of an automated immunoturbidimetric ferritin assay. May 3, Different laboratory methods are used to quantify ferritin . assays and automated equipment developments, and in routine laboratory assays and Seco M. Development of an automated immunoturbidimetric ferritin assay. J. Colloid. Interface Sci. (2): – 3. Borque, L., Rus, A., Bellod, L., and Seco, M.L. Development of an automated immunoturbidimetric ferritin assay.

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In addition, we present a new procedure of sequential covalent immunotudbidimetric of IgG and bovine serum albumin BSA that improves the reagent colloidal stability and could eliminate most of the drawbacks of the light-scattering immunoassays, such as nonspecific agglutination.

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Development of an automated immunoturbidimetric ferritin assay.

Biochemical markers and hematologic indices in the diagnosis of functional iron deficiency. For the immunopurified anti-CRP antibodies, we used a modified procedure consisting of two sequential covalent coupling steps. Auomated ferritin assay is an automated immunoturbidimetric method. We chose this microparticle reagent, with a coverage of 0.

Diagnostic use of serum ferritin encompasses prelatent and latent iron deficiency as well as iron overloading. Lancet ; Clin Chem Lab Med ; We have developed a new procedure for turbidimetric measurement of ferritin concentration in human serum, based on latex microparticle agglutination technology. Conditions for CRP determination.


Clin Chem ; 42 Suppl 6: We suggest an alternative approach that uses a small amount of immunopurified antibody and stabilizes the reagent by saturation of free surface with BSA in a two-step sequential covalent procedure.

Samples with CRP values above the upper limit of the calibration curve can be reanalyzed after automated or manual sample dilution. It is also used to distinguish between hypoferric anemia and hypochromic anemia chronic infection and tumor anemias, sideroblastic anemia or thalassemia. We then selected 0. Skip to main content.

Development and validation of a particle enhanced turbidimetric immunoassay for C-reactive protein. C-reactive protein and bacterial infection assya preterm infants. Carboxilated latex particles nm in diameter were covalently coupled with immunopurified F ab’ 2 fragments of anti-ferritin IgG antibodies. Evaluation of an improved immunonephelometric assay for C-reactive protein [Abstract].

Clin Chem ; Development of an automated immunoturbidimetric ferritin assay. Rev Rheum Engl Ed ; Recent studies of CRP concentrations within the conventional reference interval have suggested new clinical applications.

Biological or Clinical Significance: Covalent isotherm A and dose—response curves as a function of antibody type and coverage B and particle size C. After elution, the released protein was measured xevelopment the BCA procedure.


The detection limits for CRP, defined as the mean plus 3 SD of the zero signal saline solutionwere 0. Download this assay page in pdf format. Turbid and lipemic samples caused an important interference which could be avoided by pretreating those samples prior to measurement.

Jadsamount of antibody adsorbed; Jinamount of antibody added. The quantitative assessment of body iron.

Test Immunotirbidimetric Entire Site. Polyethyleneglycol PEG is commonly used to increase the immunoagglutination kinetics. J Biomater Sci Polym Ed ; 3: A new method of measuring C-reactive protein, with a low limit of detection, suitable for risk assessment of coronary heart disease.

Development of an automated immunoturbidimetric ferritin assay.

It allows lower antibody coverage on the microparticle reagent and provides highly sensitive and robust particle-enhanced turbidimetric immunoassay for serum CRP. We describe a microparticle reagent that we use in an optimized turbidimetric procedure with immunopurified polyclonal antibodies against CRP.

The procedure has been automated using the Falcor analyzer. Research Article Technical Brief. Clinical Chemistry Nov46 11 .