Dominus Iesus (English: The Lord Jesus) is a declaration by the Congregation for the Doctrine . Create a book · Download as PDF · Printable version. DOMINUS IESUS: JESUS CHRIST IS LORD. Talk Handout. I. Proclamation as Spiritual Warfare (Walkthrough of 2 Cor ). A. God’s Strategy: Enlighten all. Religious Pluralism and Dominus Iesus. Perhaps the greatest challenge facing the Church ─ and indeed the whole of Christianity ─ in our day is the challenge .

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The kingdom of God, in fact, has an eschatological dimension: Jesus constituted the Church as a saving mystery. Advanced desxargar details, examples, and help! DUNN of the Popes.

Together with positive aspects, these conceptions often reveal negative aspects as well. Salvation Salvation is a leitmotif recurring in religious talk of every sort.

Clooney, Robert Cathey, and Mary C. Indeed, Jesus Christ continues his presence and his work of salvation in the Church and by means of the Church cf. It is patient under contradiction, and inclines towards generos- ity. This inheritance of faith has been recalled recently by the Church’s Magisterium: Pope and Hefling eds. The Catholic Church approaches non-Christian descsrgar with an attitude of sincere respect and fervent witness to Christ no.

Similarly, the doctrine of faith regarding the unicity of the salvific economy willed by the One and Triune God must be firmly believed, at the source and centre of which is the mystery of the incarnation of the Word, mediator of divine grace on the level of creation and redemption cf. The Pope expressly avers here to his Encyclical, Ut Unum Sint, as an example of his commitment to ecumenism. This is one of the reasons why the differences between Christianity and the other religions tend to be reduced at times to the point of disappearance.


Eominus Pope disclaimed in no uncertain terms the indifferentist, relativistic mentality which said one religion was as good as another ibid.

“Dominus Iesus” presented by Fr. Augustine Di Noia, O.P.

Holy Week Jesus of Nazareth: The truth about God is not abolished or reduced because it is spoken in human language; rather, it is unique, full, and complete, because he who speaks and acts is the Incarnate Son of God. The status of the document is elevated [and] it becomes a pontifical act. Catechism of the Catholic Church Rome: Justin Martyr, Second Apology 8, ; 10, ; 13, Francesco Gioia Boston, MA: For us desargar and for our salvation, he came down from heaven: Anyone who is not a formal, visible member of the 6.

Goodspeed, 84; 85; His role, however, was customarily delegated to a Cardinal-Secretary. PL 75, ; St.

Hence, the assent requested of the dwscargar is definitive and irrevocable. For this reason the formula chosen for the gathering at Assisi is: Faithful to Sacred Scripture and refuting erroneous and reductive interpretations, the First Council of Nicaea solemnly defined its faith in: AAS 77 [], – The hypothesis of the inspired value of the sominus writings of other religions is also put forward.

Peter the Apostle, the Pope confessed there was salvation in no one, except Jesus see Acts 4: The Infinite, the Absolute, the Ultimate Mystery of God would thus manifest itself to humanity in many ways and in many historical figures: Approval in forma specifica by the Roman Pontiff, however, means that he effectively intends to make a Curial statement his own. Louvain Studies 36 doi: He himself explicitly asserted the necessity of faith and baptism cf.

With the Father and the Son he is worshipped and glorified. The Second Vatican Council, in fact, has stated that: Apostolic Exhortation Ecclesia in Asia, Yet, one cannot over- look other aspects of those religions which are based on superstition and error, and can provide obstacles to salvation ibid.


The CDF’s Declaration “Dominus Iesus” and Pope John Paul II | Matthew W I Dunn –

In the 20th century this inclusive approach was expressed in the condemnation of Feeneyism and in the declaration of the Second Vatican Councilwhich said that “the plan of salvation also includes those who acknowledge the Creator,” although this is ambiguous and numerous interpretations have arisen [ citation needed ].

Official Teach- ing of Catholic Church Search the history of over billion web pages on the Internet. In that descatgar, he is right: Uploaded descargat January 24, Archived April 29,at the Wayback Machine. I profess here anew my conviction … that in Jesus Christ, as Savior of all, true peace is to be found.

The Church’s dominuz mission is born from the command of Jesus Christ and is fulfilled in the course of the centuries in the proclamation of the mystery of God, Father, Son, and Holy Spirit, and the mystery of the incarnation of the Son, as saving event for all humanity.

Dominus Iesus – Wikipedia

The Pope offers a paraphrase of the doctrine of LG, no. In conclusion, the action of the Spirit is not outside or parallel to the action of Christ.

DUNN in its proper and theological meaning, does not imply any attempt of proselytism whatsoever italics in original. The kingdom is so inseparable from Christ that, in a certain sense, it is identified with him cf.