: Demon Moon (The Guardians, Book 2) (): Meljean Brook: Books. Demon Moon (Guardians, book 4) by Meljean Brook – book cover, description, publication history. Deadly creatures from the realm of Chaos herald the return of an imprisoned nosferatu horde, and the bond between a vampire and his lover is their only.

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I even cried a little. He’s very unusual and on the surface, very off putting. But she couldn’t stop falling. While he can sustain himself on animal blood for a short while, he can’t make it his regular food source for debilitating effects such as severe lack of strength and stupidity soon follow. At times I wanted the book to be over.

While every other being on the planet sees themselves in their reflection, Colin sees only the debilitating horror that is Chaos. And called up Chaos. But while his addiction of all things Savi may have begun from purely his physical hunger and desire, Colin soon discovers that she’s everything he’s never known but suddenly all he’s ever wanted.

Man, another series, huh? But Savi was the character who really stole the show. But it also means that she opens herself completely – To everyone who’s able to sense emotions, so every Guardian, vampire and demon around.

The hero, Colinwas selfish or at least appeared to be and part of him definitely is self-absorbed, in the beginning often bordering the asshole-area.

When does this crap end? Demon Forged by M. On the same flight that blew up over the Atlantic. In the midst of Heaven, he gives her a taste of ecstasy — and of Chaos, Deadly creatures from that realm herald the return of an imprisoned Nosferatu horde, and Colin and Savi’s bond is their only protection — and their only passion How to Date Your Dragon by Molly.


Lists with This Book. She meljjean characters that have a far more interesting history and personality than I’m used to from PNR novels. But a series of events begins to change demo.

Retro Review: Demon Moon by Meljean Brook

Some of the time I could, but other times I couldn’t. I am looking forward to Demon Moon. Exhausted, but strong enough to hold her. Meljean Brook has a habit of populating her books with interesting characters from all places and times, and it makes for a refreshing read.

Demon Moon, Meljean Brook’s second full-length book, overwhelmed m When an author has the ability to make a reader lose herself in a story and to create characters who are so overwhelming that every word or action has a double meaning, you know you have a winner. Irony has forced on this vain man a curse to never see his own reflection in the mirror again and no, it wasn’t given And I thought the angst of the year relationship in Demon Angel was bad I really like it.

I am the author of the Iron Seas steampunk romance series. To view it, click here. Instead she had Lilith and Hugh waiting for Savi and the reader to laugh at us. A curse he did not take seriously in has also created a tortured condition for Colin creating an anchor for him with Chaos.

As a vampire, Colin meljezn feed each night. The story is filled with angels and demons and gore, and love scenes so intense they are painful Colin has a way with his hands which Savirti doesn’t mind at all! When I look back at book one Lilith was also a lot of things, some good some bad. The author focuses on the emotional mon and jumps from dialog to dialog, scene to scene. Certain scenes and conversations were confusing enough that I re-read the start of most chapters to make sure I got it.


I know I got confused towards the end about what was going on.

I anxiously await to start the next book. His vanity is comical to extant but its reason for being isn’t. Nani is Savi’s grandmother; she runs a restaurant called Auntie’s and she wants her Savi married.

Her parents are dead, and she was raised with Hugh by her very traditional Hindu grandmother. She took a pompous and mfljean male lead, Colin, and managed to make him warm, witty, self-deprecating but still vain and a tad shallow.

Michael and Selah, the Guardians. And the whole thing about those psychic shields -“shields up Loved the basic plot, the main characters, the idea behind the world Brook has built, the relationship between Savi and Colin, and Colin himself.

And heck, yes, they are. I really must get around to it soon!

Retro Review: Demon Moon by Meljean Brook – Book Binge

I loved that Savi’s culture played such a big role in the book, and that the author showed it meljena a such a respectful way. There were a mooon of bad guys, wyrmwolves, nosferatu and a demon. Colin goes in for the full court press. Definitely a woman for the ages. Hey, it’s Savi and she does all the right things except that her actions set her fate in motion. There’s heroism in that.