Deathstalker Rebellion is the second book in Simon R. Green’s Deathstalker saga, preceded by Deathstalker and followed by Deathstalker War. For those who. Owen Deathstalker – outlawed, with a price on his head and the blood of a mighty warrior lineage in his veins – had no choice but to embrace a dangerous. Listen to Deathstalker Rebellion: Being the Second Part of the Life and Times of Owen Deathstalker Audiobook by Simon R. Green, narrated by Gildart Jackson.

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To ask other readers questions about Reathstalker Rebellionplease sign up. I’m not sure if I’m going to wind up finishing the series, though.

Oct 22, Kat Hooper rated it it was ok. And that was when the roof fell in. It’s like fantasy in space, with all of the intrigue that I can’t help but love. I will keep reading the series, because I am interested where the various story arcs are rebelloon, but if it doesn’t get better, I will be disappointed. Just a moment while we sign you in to your Goodreads account. In spite of that though, the characters are interesting if a little wooden and the worlds, aliens, and technology Green incorporates into the universe including a mix of laser blasters and swords that deathstaker appeals to the scifi-swashbuckler in me keeps me reading on.

Like the first one, repetitive ad nauseum. Which is fine, I rebelllion.

Deathstalker Rebellion – Wikipedia

If you turned up at a funeral, the deqthstalker would walk out on you. I thought it was amazing. The rebellion leaders identify four key planets that have to be taken if they are to seize control of the Empire. Aug 25, Harrison rated it liked it. The Jesuits, Wolfe security forces and a team of investigators from the Empire are all hoping to end the distraction of the rebels. A good story that suffers from the rebelliob use of certain phases, however an enjoyable read with some interesting aliens and worlds.


rebelliob Although I do like some of SRG’s other work. Get it free with day trial. Or, to put it differently, reading this goes accompanied by much rolling of eyes. There’s the tenuous situation of Adrienne Campbell, along with the unhappy Finlay and Evangeline.

Deathstalker Rebellion (Deathstalker, book 2) by Simon R Green

One dimensional characters who all speak in the same voice. Book 2 in the Deathstalker series. The original Deathstalker book was the best, and although this was a good read, it was a lot slower to get through.

Strange as the story is called Death-stalker, it does not seem to focus much on the role of Owen Death-stalker, perhaps this will change in the third book. There are some really deathatalker locations, such as the industrial wasteland of Technos III.

Deathstalker Rebellion: Being the Second Part of the Life and Times of Owen Deathstalker

And for a book called Deathstalker Rebellion, in a series called Deathstalker, Owen Deathstalker is barely in the book for a small part at the very beginning.

Excellent continuation of the story. Almost every character is an overblown caricature of sorts. Plenty of characters both sympathetic and un are good fighters, take active joy in combat, are willing to assassinate other people, etc etc etc, and there’s lots of fight scenes, but Green never makes the violence pretty or sexy, and tries hard to show all the ugly and painful sides of warfare, even necessary warfare.


His is just another sad story in a cruel Empire, and you get a sense of how he used to be a normal man, and even now perhaps he’s still trying to make sense of what destiny has shaped him into. Loved the chapter with Frost and Silence on the ghost ship. Green P Tantor.

I liked the occasional bolt of humor too: Excerpted Simon Richard Green is a British science fiction and fantasy-author. I just had to imagine those parts of the book in my head like they were in the audio-book.

Great climax – lots of fights and explosions. There are many secondary kind of characters from the first Deathstalker that make a repeat appearance in Deathstalker Rebellion.

Deathstalker Rebellion

It’s a curious thing, but I liked Lily much less reading the book than I did listening to the audio-version Oct 24, Jeremiah rated it it was ok. The rebels make their first strike at the Empire, really just Owen and Hazel, and are successful.

Green’s “space opera” is a page roller coaster ride of adventure, derring do, fast action — kinda Star Wars-like, but with a dizzying array of subplots, political skullduggery, hidden alliances, secret deals, betrayals and so on.