Services. S&W M&P Trigger Job. Standard Trigger job- $ plus return shipping. Smoothes out and reduces pull weight to as low as pounds on the. I am shooting IDPA and steels using M&P 9mm Pro. Is there any preference between an Apex Trigger and a Dan Burwell job?. I discovered the link to Dan Burwell’s website while searching through the archives here. Following his thorough and detailed instructions.

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Originally Posted by lthrnck He is very busy and it might take emails before you get a reply. I can do the standard trigger job without really reducing the trigger pull weight for those more comfortable with heavier trigger.

Can someone De-mystify the Apex trigger options? You’re very wecome, but hope you got one, looks like they’ve got a hot product on their hands Ouch, there are many, would prefer to buy the appropriate one.

Register a new account. In addition to the above trigger jobs I offer a couple options 1.

Want to do the Burwell trigger job

You sound like your inexperienced to me. This works very well for people with a long reaching trigger finger.


December 30th, I’d be hesitant to do it. Its already researched, tried and tested true and its quick and easy. August 5th, I do not change the striker spring so trigget not need to worry about light primer hits.

It’s actually quite easy to do. I did triggers on both my and my Glock 17, they run OK. This is about as close to a trigger as you can get without a Why not just send the gun to burwell and let them do what they do best. I will have to try it.

Makes significant improvement over stock trigger. December 13th, July 4th, This trigger is a little less crisp than the Standard Trigger job but is about the same as stock. Example link 1 Example link 2 Example link 3. PaPow, you’re right on the mark.

I would be ecstatic if a link was provided to a stone. Is that an Apex mod or what comes in a Pro? Sign In Sign Up. No safeties are disabled in any way.

And I tried contacting Burwell. Share this post Link to post Share on other sites. Any suggestions on either would be appreciated. By xsubsailor Started Saturday at Pm me if you need help. Smoothes out and reduces pull weight to as low as 3. Sign up for a new account in our community. Originally Posted by Bill in Tx. Also please let me know if your weapon is going to be used for USPSA production, if so I will not do the mag release or the strike cover.


December 16th, I can call you back, but with my other job I can usually answer emails quicker than return phone calls. By Capbyrd Started Yesterday at This content can be configured within your theme settings in triggerr ACP.

I can report that it did make a positive difference in the trigger, not Apex positive, but better than stock. If that is the goal, then it will be accomplished. Want to do the Burwell trigger job I have the.

Burwell Gunsmithing- Services

I just looked at their site and looks like they’re already sold out! This will save time and effort. I considered just sending my pistol to Mr. In addition to the above trigger jobs I offer a couple options. DuncansvillePA