Download Cyberpunk – Dark Metropolis. Description. Download Cyberpunk – Dark Metropolis Free in pdf format. A city-life sourcebook detailing what life is like in the City of , especially in the Alternate Reality Universe. It is definitely a must-have for any ARU. Information from Cyberpunk © ian Games Inc; and Dark Metropolis © Ianus . Nyctophobia (The Dark) .. NETRUNNER (Cyberpunk , pg. 8).

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A cyberoptic is a camera! No attribute can be boosted above You may want to cut the soldier some slack and have an additional “Hit Location” roll to determine which of a number of plates say 1D4 or 1D6 across the torso is hit by the round – first-time hits on different plates not penetrating, subsequent hits on cybberpunk same plate resulting in possible penetration.

cyberpunl A decent-calibre rifle round is likely to go straight through Type I armour at any range though – in game or IRL. Consider, just for one thing, what some individuals will do nowadays for the sake of fashion. Different strokes, is all. Sometimes a right barnyard collection, which is fine as well.

Not exactly Cyberpunk

No Web Links Found. Trying to keep the campaign as low and edgy as possible where a cranked-up junkie with a knife is an actual threat to character safety, rather than the PCs going through battle-seasoned Elite Forces like they were popcorn. Class Mteropolis Pilot, Wizard, Scientist, etc.

So, presumably subtracting a little for dispersion of energy energy lossI need to work out what that approx 2D6 of bludgeon damage does. This page does not exist.


Cyberpunk 2020 – ICP116 Dark Metropolis

I agree that skills and stats need a bit of reworking. Everyone running around armed to the teeth, armoured up and shooting the hell out of each other is not an option – firearms are available to civilians with certain restrictions no auto weapons, ten-round magazine maximum, licensing and registration required, different jurisdictions have different rules etccops and other armed forces have better access to weapons that the civilians aren’t permitted to own and the criminals have what 22020 want as they don’t care what the law says.

Home Recent Additions Welcome Wiki. Some will, some won’t.

Thursday, 13th May, It is definitely a must-have for any ARU gamemaster. Kinda like when you start “seeing spots” – it’s not your eyes, it’s your brain. Before we start, I’ll point out that I reworked the damage levels of weapons based metrpolis Rogue’s alternative damage values which were in turn based on Luciferin’s worktaking Rogue’s values as “Point Blank” damage and decreasing damage over distance a la FNFF Rambling a bit, sorry.

Not exactly Cyberpunk Finally started up my latest Cyberpunk campaign with mostly new players and even more house rules along with alternative rules pinched and modified from various online resources Blackhammer, Ocelot et al and alternative sources CyberpunkIanus Games’ Dark Metropolis etc – and a number of other mods.

In Cyberpunk, the rules are kind of shaky and the armour SP values do 2200 reflect Real-World levels of protection.


Conversely, other metropolie stopped by the armour may not be more powerful than the most powerful calibre for which the armour is rated – an important point as Rogue did not include. Not that, as you would have it, stats having less, is a worse idea of course.

They are set upon huge expanses of land, erupting with vertical pillars of commerce. If they want to lessen the bludgeoning damage a bit, they could buy a Sorbothane Blunt Trauma pad for under the armour – at increased EV and HV, of course. So I play both of those as NPCs – characters contact them, use their services and pay their money. Page 1 of 4 1 2 3 4 0220 Jump to page: You can edit this page to create it.

And now, so do you. Netrunners and Fixers are not character classes. Results 1 to 10 of I decided that for this campaign, the armour would be based on Real World armour levels and SP required for working out how much damage gets through when struck by a weapon for which the armour was not designed should be calculated accordingly.

I’m giving the armour progressively higher EV and HV. What does that mean? As for why anyone but a Solo and even then.