Anna university, Chennai B.E / Engineering Degree Examination CS ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE SIXTH SEMESTER Regulation. SUBJECT CODE: CS SUBJECT NAME: ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE DEPARTMENT: CSE YEAR: 3. SEMESTER: 6. SYLLABUS. CS Artificial Intelligence Lecture Notes.» CS Artificial Intelligence Lecture Notes. Lecture Notes Provided by. Einstein college of Engineering.

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The algorithm that works only on singly connected networks known as Poly trees. Proof Theory — a set of rules for deducing the entailment a set sentences.

What are the different types of planning? Explain depth limited search. Define Artificial Intelligence in terms of human performance.

What does Turing test mean? Syntax of the language describes how to make sentences.

2008 Anna University Chennai B.E Computer Science CS 1351 ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE Question paper

In this alg each iteration is a dfs just as in regular iterative deepening. The process of treating something abstract and difficult to talk about as though it were concrete and easy to talk about is wrtificial as reification. The basic task is to reason in terms of prior probabilities of conjunctionbut for the most part, we will use conditional probabilities as a vehicle for probabilistic inference.


Define an agent program. What is reified link? Define an Ideal rational agent.


The search will conduct a random walk. A rational agent is one that does the right thing. Blind search has no information about the no. An alternative to dualism is materialism, which holds that the entire world operate according to physical law. To use the stored information to answer questions and to draw new conclusion. If the next state of the environment is completely determined by the current state and the actions selected by the agent, then the environment is deterministic.

List the various search strategies. What is called as principle of maximum expected utility?

CS Artificial Intelligence May/June Question Paper (Scanned Version)

A set of ordering constraints. Learning by training neural networks.

To store information provided before or during interrogation. A set of casual link protection. Learning by correcting mistakes. Deterministic Vs Non deterministic: Help Center Find new research papers in: The term utility is used in the sense of “the quality of being useful. Log In Sign Up.


Define evidential support E-X is the evidential support for X- the evidence variables “below” X that are connected to X through its children. The exciting new effort to make computers think machines with cs131 in the full and literal sense. This cutoff can be implemented by special depth limited search algorithm or by using the general search algorithm with operators that keep track of the depth.

The basic idea is that an agent is rational if and only if it chooses the action that yields lntelligence highest expected utility, averaged over all the possible outcomes of the action. Each episodes consists of agents perceiving and then inteoligence. Give the algorithm for generate and test. List the basic elements that are to be include in problem definition. A complete plan is one in which every precondition of every step is achieved by some other step.