This article discusses about Potentiometers, construction, working, its applications and also different types which include rotary and linear Potentiometer. Free Ebooks dc crompton potentiometer theory for download in PDF, MOBI, EPUB, HTML for Amazon Kindle and other Ebooks Readers. Potentiometers. Introduction. A Basic dc Potentiometer. Crompton’s dc Potentiometers. Applications of dc Potentiometers. AC Potentiometers.

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The resistances of the middle dial shunt two of the potentiomeer of the first dial. Get best deals for coconut. There is no slide wire. Now let’s think about another circuit, where a battery is connected across a resistor via a switch and a rheostat as shown in the figure below.

This textbook ” Electrical and Electronics Measurements by Potentiomeetr. The basic working principle of potentiometer is quite simple. The operation of the duo range potentiometer may be more easily understood and analysed by redrawing cromptonn its simplified form by omitting the galvanometer and calibration standardising circuit.

Our company is devotedly engaged in supplying a wide assortment of Crompton Potentiometer that is designed using the latest technology. The value of unknown emf is read off directly from the settings of the dial adjust slide wire.

Crompton Potentiometer

These EMFs may be of the order of one to several microvolts and are difficult to locate and control. Single range potentiometer using independent calibrating circuit. This is essential so that once the instrument has been calibrated on x 1 range, calibration cropton the x 0. Final adjustments are made for zero deflection with the help of the rheostat. Rust proof body Durability Easy to operate Specification: The two ranges are obtained by using two resistors R 1 and R 2 and a cdompton selecting switch S.


Potentiometer Working Principle of Potentiometer

Construction and Working of basic slide wire dc Potentiometers. Digital Potentiometer in Ambala. That means, emf of the standard cell is just balanced by the voltage appearing in the resistor across point A and B. The standardising circuit may be checked for the constancy of working current, anytime during the measurements by simply throwing the switch S back to calibrate position. Product Description Our company is devotedly engaged in supplying a wide assortment of Crompton Potentiometer that is designed using the latest technology.

We take into account the latest trends and standards set by our domain and offer suitable range of products. With the protective resistance in the circuit, the potentiometer is balanced by means of the main dial and the slide wire. This fixes the working current to its proper value. This instrument has two ranges: The simplified diagram is shown below.

The standardisation should be again checked after the completion of the measurement. Call Send a quick message. This is the speciality of a potentiometer, it can measure voltage most accurately. This unit has been specially designed for hospitals and physiotherapy centers where the machine is required to run constantly for many hours to survive with the rush of patients. In actual practice the resistance of the second dial is greater than that between two studs in the main first dial, so that the voltage drop across the second dial is greater than 0.


However, for some applications higher precision and accuracy are needed, requiring changes in design features. In the above figure, the total resistance of measuring of the circuit, Rm consists of resistance of the main dial in series with that of slide wire.

If you have questions, then you can email me palakalaamarnath gmail. These EMFs can be minimised only by special construction i. Newer Post Older Post Home.

As the balance is approached, the protective resistance is shorted, and final adjustments are made to obtain true balance. Duo range type potentiometer.

This potentiometer is provided with a double throw switch which allows the connection of either the standard cell or the unknown emf to be applied to the working circuit. Grab it now for very less price.

The wide range of products offered by us is able to sustain the intense demand and competition of the markets due to their latest attributes and cost effectiveness. Get Best Price Request a quote. Some compton the features are explained below: