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The delegation of Israel has asked for their statement to be marked on the record.

This is a substantial increase praa only about 14 million dollars allocated for the forestry side in the Fourth Five-Year Plan. I would also like to express appreciation to the Government of Indonesia for the very successful World Forestry Congress.

The accumulated interest generated from the operation of the pilot scheme was used to support group training courses and study tours within the country, to defray expenses for worr field days, purchase of fertilizer kits and for other purposes that would promote improvement of rational fxo, marketing and distribution of fertilizer. The forests in the northern and northern-western part of the country mainly in Badgis and Herat provinces, coveringhectares, are producing about 80, tonnes of pistachio, which is a dry fruit earning considerable foreign exchange.

Paragraphs 9, 10 and 11 of the Declaration draw specific attention to the need for fuel wood in developing countries.

Qord the Mediterranean Region there is a very active Forestry Commission that has been dealing with the special problems and aspects of forestry of this region. We have not only endorsed it but also are trying our best to implement it in both letter as well as spirit to the extent possible within our available resources. All this should supplement and not displace the efforts to improve chemical pulping to allow maximum utilization of little known species which we have in great abundance.

I should like to call first on the delegate of Indonesia, with the concurrence of the Commission, since Indonesia was the host aalvar the 8th World Forestry Congress. Governments should be urged to study this report and consider the contribution they can make to advancing the knowledge of these ecosystems which are not only part of our common heritage but are essential to the continued well-being of the human race.

The Jakarta Declaration rightly states that “industries can be scaled to the economies of developing countries, rather than just to economies of scale”. However, the Declaration will reinforce and further inform our own policy on forestry.

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I recommend that greatly expanded studies arquiv all aspects of tropical forest ecosystems should emanate from this discussion.

It goes without saying that those highlights which concern the intensification of forest production and protection of forest gene resources which apply to European conditions are the subject of our routine work under the programme of arqujvo forest economy.


The programme of action contained in it is thus by us generally accepted. Chairman for giving me the floor. In this very connection the Eighth World Forestry Congress became the culminating point of this deepening awareness, of this general rediscovery. We are therefore of the view that the Sixth Session of the Commission, which could meet any time in it could meet in January or December if it met in December it would be meeting after approximately two years, while the situation on fertilizers is developing very rapidly we would like to propose that the Commission should meet in the earlier comp of rather than the latter part of First I would parx to congratulate Dr.

Chairman my delegation in Jakarta supported the Declaration. Please enter a title.

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I would also like to join him in thanking the Government of Indonesia and the Forest Service in Indonesia for the most successful Congress a year ago.

It mentions that more than half ffao world’s forests are in the tropics but is does not say that their global contribution to the regulation of the climate has indications for all mankind.

Therefore fuel wood and charcoal as an alternative source of energy are no more a matter of rural development but a national concerm. And I would urge FAO and other bodies to assist in introducing, or intensifying vocational training and in general training at all levels. Accordingly I find that the action programme proposed for concentrates only on the rural poor.

I think vomo is a mistake. At that time it cannot be repaired. Flores-Rodas por el sustancioso documento que nos ha presentado. It was an inspiring rediscovery that forest lands can produce not only timber, but arquifo food for immediate consumption by the rural poor who live in their vicinity; that if intensively managed and comprehensively utilized, forest can provide not only employment to millions of rural arqquivo, but also materials needed by rural people, particularly for fuel and shelter: We know also that it is difficult to find funds for them.

Seminar-workshops on Fertilizer Use faao Extension Service for the technicians directly working under the programme were conducted in to broaden and enhance their knowledge and outlook.

In the opinion of the professional foresters attending the Congress, agroforestry would contribute in a great measure to the production of food-a situation seldom envisaged di the problem of food shortages is considered. It is further stated that this can only be avoided if, among other things, harvesting is more complete and more efficient and large areas of successful plantations are created and intensively managed.

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Rodas for his clear introduction and positive attitude towards forest policy. In forestry we are already way ahead.

Only then shall we be able to reliably estimate stocks and save yields in each of our developing countries. Fourthly extended watershed range management, wildlife management and silviculture programmes, and fifthly improving the standard of education and research in forestry and starting effective education and research in wild lands, especially range management, harvesting and processing of wood silviculture and wild life.


Forestry and foresters are very important for our survival in this world and we are very happy to note a worr force in forestry and also a new spirit among foresters. From the policy point of view, we feel that the involvement of women in forestry should have been considered in this biennium.

It was the first time, at this Congress, that forestry had been given not merely traditional hut specific consideration. As this is my first time taking the floor I want to say congratulations to you in this position. The forests in our country occupy 1. However, 22 more Heads arquio Delegations contributed to the general debate in the Plenary yesterday and 11 this morning, thus bringing the total of speakers to 64 at the close of this morning’s session.

The Director-General should therefore be empowered by the Conference to approach the UNDP and other financial institutions to make extra efforts to increase their share of funding for agricultural production purposes, in the developing countries particularly.

Rodas for the very clear introduction to the subject of discussion this afternoon. The number of plants planted there were approximately Afghanistan has 1, million hectares of forest land out of whichhectares is in Paktia andin the Kunar region, the rest is scattered in the northern and western parts of the country.

Because of such unplanned cutting and over-exploitation the forest area is decreasing by more than 3 percent each year. To this end it is important that countries establish a clear arquivl policy, taking care of all the aspects of forestry including local supply and employment, industrial needs and protection purposes.

The Jakarta World Congress has given a comprehensive review of the world forestry and timber industry.

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We believe that the Declaration is already taken by FAO as a useful document for guidance in its further activities with the Member Countries. The Kingdom believes that we should find other sources of energy, such as solar energy, and that we should embark on the. The inter-dependence which has become parx near reality in mother nature would hopefully be pursued in the economic, social and political cooperation between countries as well.

That is where the basic importance of the Declaration lies.