uClinux CD-Rom, the text and graphics used in this manual, its cover, CD-Rom artwork, . The ethernet controller is mapped off the ColdFire CSB0 chip select, and is checks for file type and executes the OS image from FLASH ROM. The MCF device performs the full set of IEEE /Ethernet CSMA/CD media .. MCFUM ColdFire Integrated Microprocessor User Manual .. Default filename and filetype parameters are manipulated using the SET and SHOW. CodeWarrior Development Studio for Microcontrollers Vx ColdFire Build Tools Reference Manual, Rev. April 15, 2 Expand the C/C++ General tree control and select the File Types option. c. _5

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For folks that use Unix, there s the.

MicroMonitor. User Manual – PDF

Filettype is done intentionally so that protection levels can be established at startup without any chance that the step will be skipped or omitted. Since the first time use of target may require MAC address configuration, it also walked through that process. Refer to that makefile for references and acknowledgements.

The solution only needs a More information.

We ve already established network connectivity, and we have the necessary information to allow us coldfier communicate with the target recall that we already did this with the ping test of section 2. If you re familiar with what strings in files, then you have an idea what this does.

Dependencies are generated automatically, and it just takes better advantage of the capabilities of GNU make. The C option supports the ability to run a crc32 across a block of memory.

Upon establishing this physical connection, the board can be reset or powered up and the MicroMonitor header will be displayed shortly after. The following sections will walk through an example of each type of transfer, showing both the host dialog and MicroMonitor commands involved 4.


Onchip/NOR FLASH Programming User s Guide

The B flag makes this file autobootable with query. The commands flash info and tfs stat now generate a set of shell variables that contain snippets of the information displayed by the command. Examples for sensitive sectors are: New x option to the fioetype host command that tells the server to exit automatically after receiving one file. To use this website, you must agree to our Privacy Policyincluding cookie policy.

You want to use the same code base, but provide specific configuration parameters unique to each VAR you sell your box to. Help Volume Agilent Techonologies. Refer to the target documentation for this information. Commands and files can be configured to be accessible by some minimum user level.

An attribute in colefire file header is simply a bit setting.

MicroMonitor. User Manual

Refer to section for more information. The vertical arrow keys are used to scroll through command line history. For example, assume we have an application that is represented by 3 entries in a table and the entries filegype exist in any of the first locations of the table.

Also, note the summary of the options, -[24bdefl: Refer to Listing 15 for a dump of the output.

Onchip/NOR FLASH Programming User s Guide – PDF

This is fixed so that the client can still run without the need to enable the server; hence, if it is disabled, it will remain disabled during and after the clientinvoked transfer. Step are repeated until all actions are performed. Also, the nature of the underlying function in MicroMonitor that supports command line options getopt allows options to be in random order and also allows options that do not require arguments to be concatenated with other options omitting the dashso the above command line could have been reduced to dm 2dl8 0x Notice that if the options are kept separate, where each option is prefixed by a dash, then it is syntactically legal 11 for them to be in any order between the command name i.


The host-tool tfs has a new argument getall, which allows the user to extract all files both deleted and non-deleted from a flash image for analysis. This accurately implies that the monrc file execution is done during MicroMonitor s startup sequence. There is a certain amount of space that is required by TFS; some of that space is fixed; other space is based on the number of files stored. At any point in this operation, ENTER can be used to cause the entire line to be passed into the monitor s command line processor.

This is because the moncmd tool only transfers the first argument after the IP address to the target, so the proper syntax for entering this command would be: It was not properly dealing with obsolete files; hence, under certain conditions files would be listed as present even if they were deleted. This is only noticeable in systems that have more than one bank of flash. Similarly if the parameter following the b is 1, the output is turned back on.

In a nutshell, this means that various groups of files and commands can be restricted to only those users that know the password to get to the required user level assuming a password file is installed. Assuming you ve read the previous chapters of this document and followed the steps outlined, then at this point you have a working serial interface and a working network interface. Now we need to also modify the dhcpsrvr. Enter the file name C: Added a generic means of polling for Ethernet-link-up state at system initialization.