Citarum River, Indonesia The Citarum has been called the world’s most polluted river. Around 5 million people live in the river’s basin, and most of them rely on. Heavy equipments are used to clean up the river, but new trash comes in every time. Widodo wants the Citarum river to be clean and drinkable. Citarum River used to be a vital part of an ancient kingdom in Indonesia. In modern times, the river plays a role for water power generation.

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After years of failed clean-up plans, President Joko Widodo earlier this year announced an ambitious goal — to revitalise Citarum River and make its water safe to drink by People were using water from the river to wash their clothes. But for the people who live along the polluted river, it is not just the environmental impact that worries them, health problems have affected children and families.

Citarum River, Indonesia The Citarum has been called the world’s most polluted river. And we will comb the areas along the river and take action against companies that dispose waste to the river.

The gargantuan task of cleaning Indonesia’s Citarum river | Indonesia | Al Jazeera

Pollutioon that is exactly what happens here. Every day, as many as 25 thousand cubic of household waste accommodated there and tonnes of industrial waste flowed towards the Citarum River. Retrieved 9 November SagulingCirataand Ir. In Indonesian history the Citarum is linked with the 4th-century Tarumanagara kingdom, as the kingdom and the river shared the same etymology, derived from the word “tarum” Sundanese for indigo plant.

The target for the first three years is to collect Heavy equipments are used to clean up the river, but new trash comes in every time.

The Environment and Forestry Ministry will oversee the replanting of trees in the upstream region to prevent erosion and sedimentation. Pollution has affected agriculture so much that farmers have sold their rice paddies for half their normal price.


This problem also affect other animals, such as cattle. The river is the subject of Channel 4’s Unreported Worldairing on Friday night. When you first arrive at Citarum, the awful, foul stench is going to strike your nose. People get money while the environment is also safer. There is also no support from the government nor there is strict law regarding this matter.

Latin American rivers among most polluted in the world, says new study. Irwansyah and his family live in a residential compound located next to a toxic waste dumping hole. The black waste is toxic and brings a torrid smell with it.

Five years on, we revisit this story. The fish population decreases rapidly ever since. Inky, black, liquid waste is released into the river from factories. Shoes, baby diapers and plastic bottles are floating in the water. Before, Citarum has many fish species such as walking catfish, suckermouth catfish, common carp, minnows, and many more. Not just electrical power, there are also dams that supply irrigation water to rice paddies, such as Jatiluhur Dam.

Katharina Swoboda – Vampiric infection.

It is causing erosion so the river becomes more easily to dry and trash cannot flow. Together, they provided local groups some financial support so they can have businesses that turn trash to cash.

Can the world’s most polluted river ‘The Citarum River’ be made clean? [The Morning Call]

Widodo wants the Citarum river to be clean and drinkable in seven years. It is also important to remember that our purchases are affecting communities abroad. The river is best known for its connection with Tarumanegara Kingdom, a Sundanese indianised kingdom that thrived from 4th to 7th century. Heavy pollution of river water by household and industrial waste in the Indonesian province of West Java is threatening the health of at least five million people living on the riverbanks, say government officials and water experts.

Accessibility links Skip to article Skip to navigation. What does this have ciharum do with me? Citarum is divided into 23 sectors for the clean-up programme.


The locals and the river have been receiving benefit from this support.

This is one of the reasons why education about waste management is crucial to start reducing waste and living a sustainable life. Especially in the dry season river issued bitter smell. Deni Riswandani, an activist with Elements of the Environment, a local NGO, says more effort must be made to resolve the issue. If a wastewater treatment plant needs 10 or 20 industries behind it, we need hundreds of plants.

Pollution in the Citarum River | Textiles in Indonesia

In the 5th century, ricer a small village built on the side of the river by Ciarum, another area became crowded and later became the basis of a large Kingdom in Indonesia, namely the Kingdom of Tarumanegara, the oldest Hindu Kingdom in West Java.

Views Read Edit View history. The river makes up around 80 percent of the surface water available citqrum the people who use it. He also said he hoped that the provincial and central governments would follow suit, as even with evidence, enforcing the law on environmental offenders was a long and expensive process.

The most common problem for the locals is skin problems and irritations. The Citarum has been called the world’s most polluted river. Adang, who like many Indonesians goes by one name, lives by the river bank with his family, including four grandchildren.

In January, military personnel began clean-up efforts, picking up domestic trash that were thrown into the river. Despite these efforts, activists remain sceptical that the clean-up goal will be achieved. Stone inscriptions, Chinese sources, and archaeological sites such as Batujaya rivre Cibuaya suggest that the human habitation and civilization flourished in and around the river estuaries and river valley as early as the 4th century and even earlier.