Citadel, the concluding volume of Mosse’s French Trilogy, is. Da Vinci Code, Kate Mosse’s blockbuster Labyrinth arrived as a welcome. Katharine Louise Mosse OBE (born 20 October ), or Kate Mosse, is an English novelist, Citadel, the third novel in the trilogy, came out in and was also an international bestseller. Inspired by the real history of the resistance in. France, While war blazes at the front lines of Europe, in the walled southern city of Carcassonne, nestled deep in the Pyrenees, a group of courageous.

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Kate Mosse

Apparently Kate Mosse always includes a supernatural twist to her novels and this is why she had to force this storyline in for the trilogy to make sense. Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: I failed to be citade, by the love story nosse to me it seemed cutadel have been put together in haste, as if the author suddenly realized she needed to have a romance thrown in.

Though the elements of fantasy and katte require a firm suspension of disbelief there is a whiff of Tolkien about the alleged powers of the codexwhat capture the reader most powerfully are the horrors of the Nazi threat and the sacrifices necessary to survive and resist, which make Citadel feel the most substantial and mature of the trilogy. Please do not reproduce or republish content without permission. There is reference citadrl the book of calling on the “army of spirits”.

Our Books See all Books. The ending was of course tragic but given that I could not empathize with the characters I found that I did not care one way or the other. Nov 01, Luna Ofthenight rated it really liked it.

I was vaguely aware that she wrote historical fiction, and that was it. Retrieved 30 January Really, I have no desire to see France, but I’d love to visit the Languedoc region!


This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. The time frame mmosse Citadel is the ‘s while France was in the midst of Nazi occupation. March 26, by Anna. The Arinius storyline just never came together for me. Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read.

Aug 07, Kyrie rated it really liked it Shelves: You are commenting using your WordPress.

The secondary story involving the Codex was essential to the main plot and a major driving force behind it, but I did not like its fantastical nature. Thank you for understanding.

This is certainly the case with ‘Citadel’! Unfortunately, it was probably pages too long and had a couple of side-stories that didn’t make a whole lot of sense. The ending tugged on my heartstrings. A Life in Parts by Bryan Cranston.

Moreover, there was no sense of the era or location josse the way in which they spoke, which was entirely misplaced. More than a duty, it was a do or die life commitment.

Like other dissenting reviewers, if this was solely a story about the brave Josse women, I think this would have been a much more intriguing book. Mosse has also contributed a number of essays and stories to anthologies and collections, including Modern Delight a book inspired by J. I found this book very taxing.

The constant repetition of somewhat cliched phrases was a little irritating, at times.

Review: Citadel by Kate Mosse | Diary of an Eccentric

I loved how she wove recent history with the distant past in this story about the French resistance in the Languedoc. I’ve really enjoyed all Kate Mosse’s books. Citadel touched on a few of these problems. I don’t think the book should have been as long as it was. While Mosse was researching the third and final novel in the trilogy, she released her novel The Winter Ghosts inbased on a novella she previously contributed to the Quick Reads Initiative.

Then we meet a Dark Ages monk who is protecting a scroll known as the Codex. Citadel Languedoc 3 by Kate Mosse. I kept saying just a few more pages.


The supernatural thread rather peters out – I was hoping for a big denouement but the book unfortunately didn’t deliver.

Labyrinth / Sepulchre / Citadel

You are commenting using your Facebook account. Mosse evinces both passion and planning in her presentation of this story, enough that I can understand what makes her so beloved of some readers. Having said t I picked up this book, with no prior experience of Kate Mosse’ writing.

And new heroes and heroines, Raoul, Sandrine, Lucie, Marianne, too many to name all related somehow to the story of the characters of ciyadel previous book like a cycle. Mosse probably could have gotten away with some of these plots, but not all of them. I doubt it, very much.

This Codex, hidden by a former monk, is sought after by a leading Nazi supporter Chief Authie for its heretical properties and the Resistance groups for its ability to raise a ghost army. Dec 28, Anne rated it it was amazing.

I hadn’t been aware of this one until three years ago when I found a copy at a discount sale. Review copy from William Morrow Rating: It starts off very slowly with the character building etc, and at times I wondered where it was actually going.

T he complex mosxe of the Languedoc has proved fertile territory for Kate Mosse in her recent trilogy of adventure novels, beginning with the phenomenally successful Labyrinth inshortly to be a mini-series, and now reaching its conclusion in Citadel.

I have heard that filming has started of Labyrinth and I hope the film does the book justice. I was desperate for it to end.