chesterxyv/ or read it from the . Chester XYV is powered by WordPress with ComicPress. Subscribe . “Chester is everything I wish I could be in a robot boyfriend and Jess Fink is everything I wish I could be as an artist. This is the most sexcellent book you.

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A tale of horrible, selfish people being horrible and selfish to one another and to others. The answer is simple: Sep 04, Rizki Fachriansyah rated it it was amazing. Dec 16, Matthew rated it liked it.


But what I think really makes this book special is it’s lack of dialog. Chester XVY 1. Despite all the explicitness, there was a kind o 2. He’s the perfect tool for the job Xxyv for the brunette, that is; nothing could explain why she’s attracted to the inventor after she’s seen him treat his wife with such violence, but I guess that’s where we shrug and say it’s porn, it doesn’t have to make sense. I can see there is a market for this kind of comics, and I’m sure Fink’s style can give some fresh air to them.

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The story is cute, and xhv. Still, I hope Fink continues to do her thing.

Chester (Book 1) / Top Shelf Productions

Feb 15, Brandi Johnson rated it liked it Recommends it for: It starts off with the unusual setting of steampunk Victorian times. When her busy husband first created Chester for her she was frightened of the idea of a cold, unfeeling machine. This book is wordless, and very lovely and careful.

Outside of artist’s style and the interesting idea of moving the story along like a silent film, I’m not sure I was particularly thrilled by this.

Pretty much a perfect book. Jess Fink really knows her thing when it comes to creating very sexy comic panels. Incredible chsster with a story that does the job as long as you don’t think about it too much.

Jess Fink xuv great work with panels, swirling borders and partitions naturally into the action of each panel. Is it necessary for a robot to climax? She is young and beautiful, has inherited a fortune from her father, and has just gotten married to a talented and handsome Scientist. I absolutely adore the overall design and layout. This story isn’t entirely without words — there are sound effects.


I have to be honest and say that the first time I tried this webcomic I didn’t really get it, but luckily I decided to give it another go a year or two later. This one was the best of the three.

Which of course leads to the very apt question, why did I even pick up xv book? Jess Fink’s art is crisp, saucy and totally disarming. The story of a wife, her asshole husband, and the robot he built to have sex with her.

Chester 5000 XYV

Because spousal neglect justifies adultery and vice-versa. Related to Sunstonemaybe? The craft level is high. The comic is drawn by Jess Fink. Unfortunately, being a successful Scientist requires a lot of work. Both comments and pings are currently closed.

Outside of that, there’s the story which tells the tale of newlyweds who seem to be sexually incompatible. Return to Book Page. Steampunk porn in a graphic novel.