Speaker: Chander Ganesan. Image from Introduction to Django Wed 07 March From PyCon US · Image from Introduction to Django. Introduction to Django. Wed 07 March By Chander Ganesan The Django framework is a fast, flexible, easy to learn, and easy to use framework for. Intro to Django Workshop November tutorials, the Django book (to a lesser extent) and Chander Ganesan’s PyCon talk from this year.

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Based in SanMateoCA, often travel. Chander Ganesan The slides rjango online here: I tried downloading the slides from here otg-nc.

The question that i want to ask is: Borko Novacevski Hi, i am new to Django and i installed django 1. Chris Ellerby For those trying to get the link to work: Dubai, United Arab Emirates. Contact jdimov at a For example, you may be able to give talks in a distant city that you visit regularly on business. MrHunnymunch Add world wide web. The geographical area you can appear in, if this is different from your location.

PythonSpeakers – Python Wiki

Advanced Python or Understanding Python. Ariana, Tunisia, North Africa.

Impossible to see what is on the screen. Silicon Valley, CA; can travel globally. Ganesan gsnesanintroduction to be active on Twitter, but is also actively ignoring me or cannot help and just is not responding.

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I will let you know if he responds. You can’t copy-paste it.

If you’re willing and able to speak on Python topics, please add yourself to the list below. Does watching the other version of this video will be productive.

Python, Django, GeoDjango jdunck -at- gmail. For those trying to get the link to work: Hi Adam, I’m actually not very active on twitter – so I’m not sure who you were attempting to tweet with my twitter id is gchander – perhaps you misspelled it. Python, databases, Unicode, large-scale application design, managing remote teams PatMiller: Are there any significant,major changes since 1.

Friends don’t let friends use Drupal. Cephlin Link is broken, do you have an update link? Asynchronous Tasks with Django and Celery. Senthil Babu A very good talk but the screen should have been zoomed in. Ganesan just now concerning this topic. Available in Europe and US.

Daniel Roberts Impossible to see what is on the screen. It would appear that we must do without.

Introduction to Django

Stay ahead with the world’s most comprehensive technology and business learning platform. Learn how to build a new Django website or application Understand Django flow, including URLconf expression, view function, and HTTPResponse object Create Django templates with syntax, common filters and tags, and loops Generate simple Django views, and configure a URLConf for basic views Choose a database and learn how to define and use models for simple data retrieval Define a basic Django data model and understand model fields and ganesanintrdouction Work with QuerySets, including filters, slicing, ordering, common methods Learn how to use the Admin interface “Introduction to Django” captures one of the popular tutorial sessions presented at OSCON — the O’Reilly Open Source Convention held in Portland, Oregon in July.


The PyCON organizers should have been more dutiful in providing these slides they just seemingly neglected all those who could not attend.

Chander Ganesan Apparently IT-my doesn’t like me to post working links Several people have created personal wiki pages and linked to them. Help them find you! Getting Started yanesanintroduction Django – Best Practices. Fast, flexible, and easy to learn, Django is an ideal framework for any web developer looking to design and deploy websites and services using Python.

Introduction to Django Part 1 – Introduction to Django [Video]

I tried several times now. You must type it out. How to install Django in Windows 7. Adam Cook I tried several times now.