The Swan-Ganz balloon flotation catheter was introduced in clinical use by H. J. C. Swan and William Ganz in Since then, the catheter has been used in. Swan-Ganz catheter see swan-ganz catheter. Tenckhoff catheter a cuffed silicone catheter that is permanently inserted into the abdominal cavity for infusion of. Definición. La Medicina Intensiva o El Cuidado Crí- tico, es una rama de la un catéter (ver notas en monitoriza- ros catéteres de Swan Ganz, de la pre-.

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A tube made of elastic, elastic web, rubber, glass, metal, or plastic used to evacuate or inject fluids into the body. Groshong catheter a single or double lumen cardiac catheter inserted into the right atrium with an external port.

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With or without radiological guidance, the best results are obtained by practitioners who perform the procedure frequently. A tube designed to be passed through the urethra into the bladder to drain it of urine; usually composed of latex, silicone, or soft plastic. Gensini coronary catheter a catheter used for coronary arteriographyhaving an end-hole to accommodate a guidewire or monitor pressure as well as side holes for rapid injection of large volumes of contrast material.

A catheter inserted most commonly into the right side of the heart via the brachial, femoral, internal jugular, or subclavian vein for temporary pacing of the heart. Preferably should have a one-way valve to avoid aspiration of air and infection. They may be named according to the site of entry and destination, such as femoral – renal and brachial – coronary.


Dressing changes are carried out using sterile technique. Health care professionals must use caution to prevent life-threatening complications when inserting and maintaining a central line. Called also prostatic catheter. A tubular instrument to allow passage of fluid from or into a body cavity or blood vessel.

Robinson catheter a straight urethral fateter with two to six openings to allow drainage, especially useful in the presence of blood clots which may occlude one or more openings. After insertion, the needle may be removed by withdrawing, but leaving the catheter in place. Gruentzig balloon catheter a flexible balloon catheter with a short guidewire fixed to the tip, used for dilation of arterial stenoses; the balloon is made of low-compliance plastic to reduce the risk of arterial rupture.


To perform CAPD the patient dwan carer must firstly connect the Tenckhoff catheter to the PD bag tubing and then be able to open and close the clamp on the drainage system. A catheter that permits direct urinary drainage from the bladder through the lower abdominal wall from a surgically fashioned opening located just above the pubic symphysis.

A catheter inserted into the pulmonary artery to measure pulmonary artery pressures, pulmonary capillary wedge pressure, and, indirectly, left atrial pressure and cardiac output. A specially designed condom definiciln includes a collection tube attached to the distal end.

The PDA was crossed with exchange wire over 5F JR catheter and the exchange wire stabilized in the descending aorta, then 5F pigtail catheter definlcion exchanged by wire fig-1a and 1b. They may commonly be referred to as Tenckhoff catheters because Dr. Called also oropharyngeal catheter.

Amplatz coronary catheter a J-shaped angiographic catheter used as an alternative to a Judkins coronary catheter in coronary arteriography. Health care professionals are responsible for preventing, assessing for, and managing central venous therapy complications e.


Related to Tenckhoff catheter: Brockenbrough transseptal catheter a specialized cardiac catheter with a curved steel inner needle that can puncture the interatrial septum; used to catheterize the left ventricle when the aortic valve cannot be crossed in a retrograde approach.

Cateterismo cardíaco derecho

Ultrasound guidance improves the likelihood of entering the desired gana without injury to neighboring structures. See also central venous catheterization.

Tenckhoff catheter a cuffed silicone catheter that is permanently inserted into the abdominal cavity for infusion of dialyzing solution in patients undergoing peritoneal dialysis. After the catheter yanz inserted, it should be firmly sewn to the skin to keep it from migrating in and out of the insertion site. A flexible tube that enables passage of fluid from or into a body cavity or blood vessel.

Bladder irrigation is performed as prescribed. A tube passed into the body for evacuating or injecting fluids.

Cournand catheter a cardiac catheter with a single end hole; used for pressure measurement, usually in the right heart. A PICC is commonly used for prolonged antibiotic therapy, total parenteral nutrition, continuous opioid infusion, or intermittent chemotherapy. When it is used for caterer purpose, it is considered a bridge before definitive surgery.

A catheter inserted into the uterus of a woman during labor, when labor is protracted, arrested, or when the force of uterine contractions are difficult to monitor indirectly.