Item 7 – 14 Trademarks: Trademarks and service marks of Cadence Design For more information on this, see the Specman User Guide. a data coverage item selected, the ICCR GUI displays the Functional tab, as shown in Figure Graphical User Interface for Rule. Customization . Incisive Tools. ICCR. SpecView. Unified coverage visualization. Higher performance for. Trademarks: Trademarks and service marks of Cadence Design Systems, Inc. ( Cadence) contained in this document are attributed to Cadence.

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Alternatively, you can right-click the run and select Show Waveform from the popup menu. To find the simulation with the shortest time to failure: By default, it shows the location from which vManager was invoked.

Select a Web Site

Incisive vManager User Guide 5. Ports guids an entity are supported. Each state or a name constant in enum declaration is considered toggled when it reaches a different state or in other words traverses to a different named constant in enum declaration.

The following verification directives are not considered functional coverage points, even if they are present in the description: After selecting the desired views from the given drop-down menus click OK.

In the Filtered runs field, specify the regular expression pattern that defines the directories or the file names that should be collected from the top directory. To sort or move columns, click or drag the column header.


For the example shown above, there are four buckets, as shown in Figure on page By default, Test Hierarchy check box is selected. For details on session compaction, see Creating Compact Sessions on page Go to Regression center iiccr Analysis center.

Incisive vManager User Guide |

For the above code, the following bins with the given values should be created: You can change it, as required and click Acdence. Unless otherwise agreed to by Cadence in writing, this statement grants Cadence customers permission to print one 1 hard copy of this publication subject to the following conditions: To stop a run: The strobe type option is Boolean. For more details, see Recalculate UDA on page Right-click the context in the Navigation pane, and select Rename.

Indicates session failure Session failures typically occur when: Each row represents a different value rather then a different run. For example, you can disable a specific filter by removing it from the automatic filter files in guidde following way: If the following testbench is given to the above FSM, incorrect coverage results are generated: Note Re-executing multiple sessions at the same time or selected runs from multiple sessions is not recommended because of the following limitations: Figure on page 64 displays the Configuration dialog box with compaction options.

Using these methods, you can monitor coverage cadwnce run time and based on coverage numbers constrain the stimulus, or stop the simulation.

If the total number of cross products for a cross exceeds the limit ofthen that cross will not be sampled and saved to the coverage database. When you open the block analysis page for another instance or type, then the saved view will be listed in the available views but it will not caddnce set automatically.


Different FSMs modeled in a single state register must not have overlapping bits. Similar to defining a covergroup within a module, you can define a covergroup within an interface.

Figure Deleting Session Select to remove the vuide directory also from the file system Once you confirm the deletion, the session is deleted.

The range can also be a variable expression and are evaluated at covergroup instantiation. By default, Name the name of the session is taken as the value to be shown on the X-axis.

Select the attribute that you want to group by from the attribute drop-down menu. The coverpoint has a user-defined vector bin, x1, which contains two real literal values: You can click the Browse button to navigate and select the vPlan to be included.

January 48 Product Version This will open the read runs dialog as cacence below: This creates as separate context in the Analysis center with all the runs from the selected session.