INFINEON TECHNOLOGIES BSPR | IC: power switch; high-side switch; A; Channels:1; N-Channel – This product is available in Transfer Multisort. PCN Design/Specification, BSPR DataSheet Update 12/Apr/ PCN Assembly/Origin, Alternative Wafer Production Site 18/Dec/ PCN Packaging . Buy Infineon BSPR in Avnet Europe. View Substitutes & Alternatives along with datasheets, stock, pricing and search for other Power Switches products.

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If you have any questions concerning our products, please fill out the following form. Open load detection in OFF – State.

Instead of charging you inflated prices to meet our minimum order value we let you take more stock for the same order value. Load Switching Capabilities and Characteristics. Package and ordering code. Status output open drainST low voltage. Power dissipation is higher compared to normal operating conditions due to the. Status output open drainZener limit voltage. Temperature protection is not active during.

Input resistance see page 8.


No license, whether express or implied, is granted by Infineon. Why is there no price showing? Negative voltage clamped at output with inductive loads Flags a fail event Status pin Current limitation Very low standby current Thermal shutdown with restart ESD-Protection.


Input, activates the power switch in case of logic high signal. Overvoltage protection of logic part. I am still reading the data sheet, once I finish I will ask few questions. Turn on into short circuit. Infineon Technologies AG Very low standby current. This allows us to offer top quality, genuine stock at discounted prices. Output clamp inductive load switch off. C, unless otherwise specified. Off-state means the switch has to be off. If you are registered for tax in the receiving county you may be able to claim this back.

Overvoltage protection including load dump. Status invalid after positive input slope 1. Any attached file to the reply which will help to support your inquiry is highly appreciated.

How long is your warranty period? All types of resistive, inductive and capacitive loads.

BSPR | RDD Technologies

VON clamped to 59V min. Current through input pin DC. We offer a no argument return policy for the first month, after that give us a call and we will be sure to work something out for you. Based on the identical footprint of its packages, maximum bsp75r2 flexibility is provided, allowing loads and devices to be changed without major modification of the board layout.


Smart High-Side Power Switch BSP752R

Will you dispatch quickly? Due to technical requirements components may contain dangerous substances. Heating up of the chip may require several milliseconds, depending. Short circuit in on-state.


Load current Short – circuit current, see page 5. Thermal overload trip temperature. Bsp752f demagnetizing load inductance. Use of the information on this site may require a license from a third party, or a license from Infineon. We offer an industry leading 12 months warranty.

We hereby disclaim any and all warranties, including but not limited to warranties of non-infringement. Send Request for Quote Cancel.

Component Sense is one of the Worlds largest stocking distributors of Electronic Components. Short circuit detection voltage.

Often countries do charge tax on imports, it is the responsibility of the receiver to cover these costs. Fill out the form on our contact us page and we will get back to you. What is Dynamic Pricing? Quality Warranty Delivery Pricing Is your stock new?