Find out about the Philips BrightView XCT system for SPECT/CT scanning at the Cancer Center of Santa Barbara. Product, BrightView XCT BrightView X upgrade to XCT, designed for single or dual detector nuclear imaging accommodating a range of ECT. Philips – BrightView XCTFits you like no other, BrightView XCT is a SPECT/CT system designed entirely for nuclear medicine. We took a deeper understanding .

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News Medical 3-D Printing December 14, Uniform operation reduces retraining. Reduced movement can help improve patient comfort and allow for more confidence in image registration, the process of comparing, matching and superimposing the SPECT and CT images on one another for analysis.

An ultra-large gantry aperture provides an open patient experience. Uniform operation Uniform operation reduces retraining BrightView XCT is designed specifically for nuclear medicine and does not require CT retraining for nuclear medicine brightviea. The acquired X-ray projections are half-field projections of the object, because of the offset-detector geometry. Open the catalog to page 4. Iterative reconstruction is challenging to implement in a clinical setting because it is very computationally intensive.

Philips Highlights SPECT/CT, PET/CT

We took a deeper understanding of what works for you and your patients and combined it with advanced intelligence in technology services. Outline of the unique steps required for the FBP reconstruction method. Business details By specifying your reason for contact we will be able to provide you with a better service.


Mirada Medical, a leading global brand in medical imaging software, will form part brightvoew an artificial intelligence AI An object-dependent beam-hardening correction compensates for spectral characteristics of the source spectrum and of the absorption in the scanned object. The brjghtview layer of the phantom, containing inserts of various materials, is shown in Figure 4.

PHILIPS BrightView XCT SPECT/CT – Medical Device Technology

Zip or Postal Code. The process starts with an initial estimate of the volume image f. Two default filter values are provided, one optimized for soft tissue imaging and the other for bone imaging.

Incident intensity I 0 calibration: Noise, spatial uniformity, and water value accuracy can be read from the indicated measurements.

Technology June 15, The system combines Philips time-of-flight PET imaging technologies with its Brilliance CT Big Bore simulation to optimize oncology workflow, accuracy and patient experience.

Digital Radiography Technology Report: News Enterprise Imaging Brightvieww 28, Open the catalog to page 1. Either or X-ray projections are acquired for each spin during 12, 24, or 60 second rotation time depending on the protocol. Philips-provided computer, monitor and keyboard.

In stroke, time saved on imaging is time gained in the treatment window. Open the catalog to page 2.

News Teleradiology November 25, This offers clinical advantages particularly in cardiology studies, the top procedure in nuclear medicine. Pre-processing of the X-ray data, filteredbackprojection reconstruction FBPand iterative reconstruction are described in the following sections. Finally, the intensity of the volume image is calibrated to improve the accuracy of reported Hounsfield Unit HU values.

BrightView X is differentiated by exclusive CloseUp high resolution technologies. Respects your space Now you can add CT without adding real estate. Respects brightciew time BrightView XCT is designed specifically for nuclear medicine and does not require CT retraining for nuclear medicine technicians.


Shallow tidal breathing is usually adequate for extremity and head studies, using either the 12 or 24 second rotation, since these areas are generally not broghtview by respiratory motion. FBP reconstruction provides a quick volume image for a first review of the acquired data.

Sowards-Emmerd, PhD, and L. Open the catalog to page 3. IMV, part of the Science and Medicine Group and a market research and business intelligence provider to the imaging For attenuation correction scans in myocardial perfusion studies, shallow tidal breathing with the 60 second rotation is preferred in order brgihtview average the attenuation data over multiple respiratory cycles to match the position of the heart during the SPECT study.

The projection extension is discarded by the weighting. Greg Freiherr Events About. I would like to receive marketing related electronic communications about Philips products, services, events and promotions nrightview may be relevant to me based on my user preferences and behavior. For the BrightView XCT, with its offset-detector acquisition geometry, a special FBP method is used, brughtview which is a variant of the widely used Feldkamp reconstruction method.

Patient focused with flexible breathing.