The Authoritarians [Bob Altemeyer] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. The Authoritarians summarizes the research of Dr. Robert Altemeyer. Click here to order a printed, bound copy of The Authoritarians from for $ plus shipping. Bob Altemeyer has a new book out, Sex and Youth $ Robert Anthony “Bob” Altemeyer (born 6 June ) is a retired Professor of Psychology at the University of Manitoba. He produced the test and scale for ” RWA” or right-wing authoritarianism.

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I thought the overlap between this study and Altemeyer’s work was very interesting.

thd Psychologists Educators Historians Living people. Likewise, a left-winger may use the term to pretend as if his research only applies to the political right even though it can apply to any side of the political spectrum.

This work is grounded in science as much as possible, and in the process we learn a great deal about how social scientists quantify and define psychological factors. They get their ideas from others in the in-group, especially from their leader, not from evidence and logic.

One of the main tenets of skepticism is that it’s almost more important to cast a skeptical eye on evidence that agrees with you than it is with evidence that disagrees with you, because confirmation bias means you’re more likely to uncritically accept information that supports your beliefs than information that contradicts it.

Manny and Ian Foster have excellent alteneyer of this book, which I urge you to take a look at if you want to find out more what this is about. Working inI asked him what percentage of the American population might he estimate or intelligently guess were authoritarian followers, and he thought maybe 30 percent. Being in a cohesive crowd at rallies thrills them because they silently tell one another, just by being there, that they fhe powerful and right.

Essential reading in the age altemmeyer Trump. But they’ll support disc First things first, if you haven’t yet read this book you need to read it, or at least you need to read Manny’s excellent summary of this book’s contents.

People worried by the religious right.

Quite clearly, in killing these foetuses one is killing something that is a living human being. Robert Altemeyer, a renowned social scientist in the field of authoritarian followers and leaders, shares his life’s work and the implications it has for modern society. A native of St. We have seen this before in European, African and South American countries but we haven’t noticed it, or maybe just not taken it seriously in the US. One of the things that often perplexes me authoritarianns observing current politics, especially the struggle between the Democrats and Republicans, is the experience of such extreme bouts of cognitive dissonance watching the Republicans say and do things altemeyef don’t make any sense, are irrational, often times are just outright lies, and seem to be said or done for the purpose of affecting a response in the populace, or gaining some sort of power advantage, rather than in imparting relevant and important information for the electorate to contemplate.


It turns out I wasn’t. Therefore, sharks are fish. The questions seem laughably transparent, and I am indeed a little surprised when Altemeyer says that the RWA score has a great deal of predictive value.

The Authoritarians

It is written in a breezy, laid back style with very little in the way of statistical jargon, essentially written for the layman.

He says that only two people have made a serious attempt to prove him wrong, and that their counterarguments were not convincing. I also had problems with the use of the phrase “right-wing auth A fascinating and alarming look at the authoritarian mindset, both among authoritarian leaders and authoritarian followers, based mostly but not entirely on the author’s own research. I am flabbergasted that there is not more outrage about this from voters of ALL sides of the political spectrum in the US.

This is straightforwardly hilarious in that context: I apologize for putting you in this role, but it will only last for authoritariahs more sentence. Return to Book Page. Through careful scientific observation and experimental methodology, Bob Altemeyer has systematically studied and laid bare the faulty thinking that followers of authoritarian leaders employ when abdicating responsibility for their own thoughts and actions.

After all, I have written this It maybe found here: Possibly cultural collapse and angst arising from having your cultural certitudes threatened by the appearance of a hitherto unknown and unexpected competitor think the Ottoman alteneyer Chinese empires faced with the European powers.

These double-highs, as Altemeyer terms them, are the most dangerous persons out there.

Bob Altemeyer – RationalWiki

Does that remind you of anyone in particular? They severely limit their sources of information. Autthoritarians think it can happen almost by osmosis – by a general loosening up of the constraints on intolerance that leak out from, in this case, Parliament Hill. But they’ll support discrimination against all kinds of people who don’t look, talk, think, or smell like them; they’ll support indeed they have supported authoritarian and un-egalitarian laws. On the surface, you’d think that it was liberal catnip.


The conclusion does not follow, but altemeher RWAs would be more likely to say the reasoning is correct than most people would.

I could only bear to read about the first 50 pages of this in depth. Point is that was fuel for the pro-lifers. To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up. As a result, this isn’t simply a polemic or opinion piece about “authoritarianism” in the abstract, but a study about a specific mental trait and its attendant politics. Last time I checked, overpeople had visited the book, and hopefully read it! One of the most useful skills a person should develop is how to look someone straight in the eye and lie convincingly.

For our next session Does this guy not understand that bowing is an act of great cultural significance in much of the authorltarians Mar 07, Cristian Iorga rated it it was amazing Shelves: It’s always my preference to see both sides, understand the people I’m arguing with, figure that other people’s opinions make sense from their point of view.

The Milgram experiments or blb Stanford prison study.

In my guess, they decided that there were “circles” in the WMAP picture at the beginning, and then they were trying to find them by slightly more quantitative methods described in the article. D at Carnegie-Mellon in Their rigidity in rule-following is underlined most chillingly in the game-playing scenarios when their lack of flexibility in dealing with others who are not like them cause them to make choices that bring the world authoriyarians the brink of extinction. Sep 14, Sally rated it it was amazing.

One possible outcome is that such wars help to bring about the end of such regimes both because wars are costly, and because the result of such wars bib surely be to kill off the followers who gleefully march into the line of fire.

Though remember that merely by knowing about what you’ve read in this review, your results are contaminated and it doesn’t have the same value as it would if you took it unknowingly. I would participate in attacks on religious cult meeting places if organized by the proper authorities.

The principles of democracy that Americans claim to love should trump political affiliation.