Blackwater: The Rise of the World’s Most Powerful Mercenary Army is a book written by independent journalist Jeremy Scahill, published by Nation Books in. That said, I’ll say that Jeremy Scahill’s “Blackwater” gets points for reportage, for his interviews and legwork. “Blackwater”, unlike P.W. Singer’s “Corporate. Book Review of Jeremy Scahill, Blackwater: the. Rise of the Most Powerful Mercenary Army. (/) and From Mercenaries to Market: the Rise and.

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War against your people. Okay, first some literary criticism. And by excluding their casualties from the official figure, the government practically tells a lie about the war. The shooters were private forces working for the secretive mercenary company, Blackwater Worldwide. This is a tough book to review: Initially, logistics and supply tasks were primarily to be placed in the hands of private companies so that the army could concentrate on the primary responsibility of the struggle.

This was frustrating, and this book did not answer my questions, merely emphasizing them. Body of War Body of War, a film depicting the story of one veteran dealing with the aftermath of war. In college, I once wrote a short story called Battle Corp. He discusses the problems of a mercenary army – recruitment, payment, accountability well, lack thereoflawlessness. The author’s anti-Christian and left-leaning Liberal bias is so strong as to taint any facts presented in this text, regardless of whether you are liberal or conservative, Republican or Democrat.

There may well have been up toprivate contractors in Iraq, but few of those are armed men. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. I did find, however, that Scahill reached a little bit by stating that Blackwater was the “Praetorian Guard” for the Bush administration and that it was a militia of sorts for the theoconservative movement. I had no idea that such a piece of fiction could actually come true in my own country.

Alas, there is nothing truly unbiased: This, armed with immunity from sfahill and the duties and responsibilities of the police and military, could also operate within Western democracies. This included the use of non-standard weapons.

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What is the downfall of empires associated with?

Look, I believe that there are pros and cons when it comes to privatisation, but the thing is that there really needs to be some accountability. So we get screwed twice.

I can only imagine the garbage a book about Blackwater would be if it had been written by a Neo-Con Republican. Like many other reviewers, I bought schill book hoping to get a historical perspective on the Blackwater company. Worse Yes, I read the whole book. Width in pixels px. They have a vested interest in destabilizing the situation in Iraq, more violence, more need for security, more contractors, more violence, the cycle goes on.

In its infinite wisdom, the administration Bremer decided to make contractors immune from any prosectution for crimes committeed while in Iraq while performing their role under contract. But let me try to jermy more lenient on this book. Finally finished this book, and I must say I was a little disappointed.

Blackwater: The Rise of the World’s Most Powerful Mercenary Army – Wikipedia

With inherited wealth and his personal background as a Navy SEAL, he put his knowledge and money together to start up Blackwater, hired qualified people, established then made use of connections and went from one success to another, moving into new areas of production as he went.

This is a fucking fantastic book. Wow I hate soldiers of just about all kinds. Nell Painter on Gilded Ages.

Among other things, what disturbs me the most about private companies sdahill that they can commit any crime, including murder or use of illegal weapons, with impunity. Yes, I read the whole book.

Blackwater: The Rise of the World’s Most Powerful Mercenary Army

Another shocking thing was how politically clueless some of these Blackwater mercenaries seemed to be. Scahill also writes that Boykin was put jeeremy charge of hunting “high-value targets”, which is not true, and has nothing to do with the position that Boykin occupied.

The real truth, of course, is much more complex, and so Mr. I don’t think their politics really surprise anyone.

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The Journal: Jeremy Scahill on Blackwater

So, thank you Mr. It is very well resea From my Cannonball Read V review Which is what Blackwater and other private security staff do– they fucking kill so many Iraqi people with complete impunity. With the argument that the economy would be desirable as an attack target because of its importance for the US for terrorists.

This is actually one of the major problems when you are dealing with fixed term, and no bid, contracts. I think the one point that is quite weak about this book is his argument against using private companies in peacekeeping forces.

This is probably since Blackwater is so secretive, and because few of Blackwater’s people wanted to do interviews with Scahill, which is a shame, since then we pretty much only scajill Scahill’s side of the story.

The thing is that this has a lot to do with privatisation, and honestly, it is a really tricky topic to look at. Group 2 Shop Has dropdown. There are numerous instances which, if they happened exactly as Scahill reports, blackwster clearly abuses of power by Blackwater contractors.

Actually, there are probably a lot of aspects of army life that can jrremy farmed out to the private sector so that the force can become a lot more leaner.

If the worst comes to worst, the ruling authorities will be protected by their hired killers, while the vast majority of the population will sink into chaos, civil war, and misery.

The other thing is, there is something nice about actually having options when on base, such as a choice between going to the mess, or deciding that maybe going to the local Pizza Hut on base is a better option though in my opinion what Pizza Hut offers is probably little different to what the mess offers. View Full Version of PW.

Blavkwater while the U.