Marketing Mix of Bisleri analyses the brand/company which covers 4Ps (Product, Price, Place, Promotion) and explains the Bisleri marketing strategy. The article. This free Business essay on Essay: Marketing strategy of Bisleri is perfect for Business students to use as an example. Retailers those are selling Bisleri brand of bottle water is 50%.4 POP The charge of Bisleri water, MARKETINGSTRATEGY MARKETING.

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After all the competition for Bisleri in the bottled water category valued at 25, crore could very well be from not just other water brands, it could even be from water-purifier brands like Eureka Forbes and Kent in their quest to make mineral water a household item.

Bisleri first aim was to provide best quality i. Rather than treating suppliers mar,eting vendors and distributors as customers, it treats both as partners in delivering value to consumers. Higher pH of Vedica helps in acid neutralization and detoxification.

Last but not the least bisleri should try to reframe its strategies and should adopt a low price strategy to achieve a leading position once again. In India, the per capita bottled water consumption is still quite low – less than five litres a year as compared to the global average of 24 litres. Many countries, particularly developed countriesregulate the quality of bottled water through government standards, typically used to ensure that water quality is safe and labels accurately marjeting bottle contents.

The difference is the projected profit.

That’s when he started to concentrate on developing the Bisleri water brand. The Strategt packaging did not just ensure better transparency — it could now show sparkling clear water to the consumers.


Drinking bottled water is a sign of a rise in the social scale. It is known as Problem Identifying Research. And rest by aqua guard and own purified systems. Flask that is evaluated at Rs. If this essay isn’t quite what you’re looking for, why not order your own custom Business essay, dissertation or piece of coursework that answers your exact bislwri

Bisleri Marketing Mix (4Ps) Strategy | MBA

Marketing no longer has sole ownership of customer interactions. The most promising markets for bottled water are in Asia and the Pacific, with an annual increase of 15 percent from to The data has been collected from Delhi North and there the perception of the people from the smaller towns could not xtrategy judged 6.

Then, since bottled water is colorless, tasteless and odourless, it was not an easy product to advertise. Consists of factors that affect consumer purchasing power and spending patterns. Bisleri with added Minerals: With Bisleri becoming a generic name for bottled drinking water, if it can manage the 54 distribution of the product to make it available where the consumer needs it the most, it may well succeed in his gamble with water.

Other than money related imperatives, to the point, the organization needs to concentrate on marketing administration item. The product is then sold to retailers or customers. Communication strategy Executive summary: Without water, there would be no life, in any event not in the way we know it.

Now, bisleri is facing competition with local players like Hello, Prime because percentage of local players is increasing. So bisleri can add some new more processes in its purification process or more scrutinization should be there. The advantages of the secondary data can be —It is economical, both in terms of money and time spent. So, Bisleri faces problem where price is important.


The bundling of the item was totally acknowledged by the customers till now. This page has approximately words. The sixth and seventh questions deal about the financial performance of the societies.

Bisleri Marketing Strategies

Because in this survey I had stratified the sample in different age group, different gender and different proffesion Sampling frame: Teenagerscollege students and 1 litre Rs. Bottled-water consumption now reflects a certain way of life as the habit reaches around the world. The main objective behind this campaign was to focus marketung the ml size bottle which serves consumer as a personal pack.

In order to detrming the challenges in front of bisleri,the following marketing mix is developed:. In theory at least, there is a form of tradeoff: Its public relations department can help it stay in touch with consumer and citizen groups. Elaborating on the creative treatment, Anuraag Khandelwal, ECD and creative head, Soho Square says, “It’s the two-faced contradiction that on one hand we shun “jhootha” and reprimand it and at the same time if unnoticed, most of us stratgy put our lips to the bottle.

But it is good times for the bottled-water industry, which is cashing in on the need for clean drinking water and the ability of the urban elite to pay an exorbitant price for this very basic human need.