Note: If you need to download and incorporate this list into your databases and. Juvenile Fiction refers to works of children’s fiction intended for children ( ages. Subjects in this section may be used with those in other sections for reference .

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It should not be used to describe the author. Thankfully, these domain specific keywords are public: Jensen, Charlotte Johnson, Jane M.

BISAC Subject Headings |

Would adding the requested headigs require extensive expansion of the list we try to keep the number of headings at around 3,? Check your categories of choice on Amazon to see the the total number of books in that category. Come back to read more about the secrets of keyword optimisation.

This can be useful for books covering a topic at the broadest level or for books with narrow scope that cannot be better described by one of the other terms within the relevant section. Most countries have their own traditionally preferred methods, many using separate systems for libraries and stores.

Displaying a book in very different non-fiction categories us better than displaying it in similar non-fiction categories. Repeat two more times.

Please enable JavaScript to fully utilize and enjoy our website. But how to get into the right category on Amazon, especially if you are not going through KDP but an aggregator?

BISAC Subject Headings

It is exactly the same for ebooks. The first category is the most important: Metadata in publishing is all information about a book: Select the Amazon store of your choice, then pick your preferred category.


Click to Learn More activatejavascript. Most ebook stores let you place your book in three categories. Note that all main subject areas include General as a second-level term. They might leave a negative review on your otherwise amazing book. If I were you, I would take this seriously.

It is always important to get into the right category, but it has a special importance at Amazon. Ebook metadata input is not only important to keep distributors happy, but is a powerful tool to improve sales. Just as importantly, a badly classified book can be highly disappointing to readers.

Awesome and extensive article, really: Keep in mind that the committee considers three factors when deciding whether or not to add a new BISAC heading:. It was developed by Book Industry Study Group and is updated yearly. I’m told nothing will be shipped when you [purchase an EBook We notice you have JavaScript disabled. The latest one, published in Decemberincludes more than 73 new headings and 55 changes to almost 30 different sections. Amazon bestseller ranks are calculated per categories, and it is easier to achieve a higher rank if the competition is smaller.

You can most creatively do this for non-fiction books. Although the cap is arbitrary to a degree, no more than three BISAC headings should be assigned to any single book.

When do you think ebooks will be available on DangDang? BISAC is currently the most widely accepted classification system. It is important to check the list of Amazon browse categories every few months to see if anything new pops up.


Assigning BISAC headings correctly can ensure that a title efficiently makes its way through intermediaries such as wholesalers subjext retailers into the hands of happy readers. Select sub-categories until you find the books most similar to your own book. Do not use a category and its sub-category: There are many ways headinfs classifying a book. Keep in mind that the committee considers three factors when deciding whether or not to add a new BISAC heading: Stay with us to read more on selecting the correct category on Amazon.

Please note that Amazon has separate bestseller lists for paid and free books. Categories associations book cover book fairs business ebook conversion ebook marketing ebook partnership ebook pricing Subjject production Ebook sales innovation interview metadata publishing industry self-publishing startup Uncategorized writing.

Use subjects in this section only for individual works of humor or for collections of humor. Usage notes for the Humor subject area include the following, for example: On the flip side, coding a book incorrectly may mean it ends up in a forgotten corner of a bookstore or Website, surrounded by dissimilar titles that would never attract the people who are likely customers for it.