The courageous soldier and tiger of Islam Sultan Yusuf Salahuddin Ayyubi was born in Tikrit Fortress of Iraq on ( Hijri), he was the son. Biography of Salahuddin Ayyubi – Ṣalāḥ ad-Dīn Yūsuf ibn Ayyūb (Arabic: صلاح الدين يوسف بن أيوب , Kurdish: سەلا. Salahuddin Al-Ayubi ( – AD) was born of Kurdish family in Tikrit ( km northwest of Baghdad) near the river Tigris in M. His childhood was spent.

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Saladin felt that Arslan was correct to care for his daughter, but Nur al-Din had taken refuge with him, and therefore he could not betray his trust. According to Jonathan Riley-SmithScott’s portrayal of Saladin was that of a “modern [19th-century] aubi European gentlemen, beside whom medieval Westerners would always have made a poor showing”.

Marquette University Press,pp. Hattin and the fall of Jerusalem prompted the Third Crusade —financed in England salahuddjn a special ” Saladin tithe “. He destroyed the town built outside the city’s castle and killed ov of its inhabitants after they were refused entry into the castle. Saladin had gathered massive reinforcements from Egypt while Saif al-Din was levying troops among the minor states of Diyarbakir and al-Jazira.

Salahuddin’s Blog: Short Biography of Salahuddin Ayyubi

The Ayyubids held a council salahuddim the revelation of these preparations to discuss the possible threat and Saladin collected his own troops outside Cairo.

Prior to arriving at Montreal, Saladin however withdrew back to Cairo as he received the reports that in his absence the Crusader leaders had increased their support to the traitors inside Egypt to attack Saladin from within and lessen his power especially the Fatimid who started plotting to restore their past glory. Biography of Salahuddin Ayyubi is a free software application from the Reference Tools subcategory, part of the Education category.


Although he was short of money, Saladin also allowed the departing Zangi to take all the stores of the citadel that he could travel with and to sell the remainder—which Saladin purchased himself. One was the Wars against Crusaders and second was, the Capture of Jerusalem.

Although one would expect Saladin to be hated among the Crusader nations, he became one of the most esteemed Muslim figures of the medieval Islamic world because of the generosity he displayed towards the Christians despite the brutality Muslims had endured at the hands of the Crusaders.

To be a great Sultan, one should be courageous, strict, and strong-willed, yet merciful, fair, and kind. Zangi did not offer long resistance. Create a free website or blog at WordPress.

He left Turan Shah in command of Syria and left for Egypt with only his personal followers, reaching Cairo on 22 September. In Aprilthe Crusaders led by King Baldwin expected no resistance and waited to launch a biograpy attack on Muslim herders grazing their herds and flocks east of the Golan Heights. Although the Crusader force consisted of only knights, Saladin hesitated to ambush them because of the presence of highly skilled generals.

State University of New York Press. Click stars to rate this APP! This section needs additional citations for verification. In response, Salahuddin built a fleet of 30 galleys to attack Beirut in The city walls were repaired and their extensions laid out, while the construction of the Cairo Citadel was commenced. Biography of Salahuddin Ayyubi version 1.

Saladin stressed that all this would happen by the will of God, and ayubii of zalahuddin for financial or military support from the caliph, he would capture and give the caliph the territories of TikritDaquqKhuzestanKish Islandand Oman.


Although he always wanted to perform Hajj, he was occupied in jihad, so he did not ayuvi enough money to perform Hajj, and he died without performing it.

Muslim sources at the time, however, put Saladin in the “baggage of the centre” with orders to lure the enemy into a trap by staging a feigned retreat. From the point of view of Saladin, in terms of salahudfin, the war against Mosul was going well, but he still failed to achieve his objectives and his army was shrinking; Taqi al-Din took his men back to Hama, while Nasir al-Din Muhammad and his forces had left.

Salahuddin Ayyubi, the great warrior of Islam

He had Majd al-Din released in return for a payment of 80, dinars. He also destroyed his own citadel at A’zaz to prevent it from being used by the Ayyubids if they were to conquer it. In just twelve years he biogrraphy Damascus, Alleppo, and Iraq. He used to always have an imam with him, but if the imam was not present, he would pray behind any pious scholar who might be sitting with him.

Salah al-Din al-Ayubbi (“Saladin”)

As the Crusaders hurried down to attack the Muslim forces, they fell into salahuddi, with the infantry falling behind. They intercepted Crusader reinforcements from Karak and Shaubak along the Nablus road and took a number of prisoners.

Jewish life in Jerusalem from Medieval times to the present.