Edited by Liz Hodgkinson. Library of Congress Cataloging in Publication Data. Milne, Hugh. Bhagwan: the god that failed. 1. Raj neesh Bhagwan Shree, My thoughts on ‘Bhagwan: The God that failed’ by Hugh Milne. Wednesday, November 29, I read this book also recently and after ‘The Ultimate game’. An insider’s astonishing story of the rise and fall of the infamous guru Bhagwan Shree Rajneesh and his cult: a riveting odyssey of sex, greed.

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I segued into AA and my “sponsor” intoduced me to Bhagwan, whereas his friend growing up took Sanyass in Pune. This is what I will write: The book also gives an account of personal life of Osho and how he used to operate. The book captures the silly stuff that was going on there, but from the point of view of Hugh Milne, bhaywan relatively high ranking member of the ashram community.

Then, as the number of followers grows, the mellow, happy and very pro-sex molne and his inner circle start taking the group into a very different direction. Until I read Milne’s book which lent credibility to the yhat that he was part of the inner circle and didn’t have an axe to grind.

That is why he needs people around him all the time, and the more the better.

Susan rated it liked it Jun 06, At bhagaan time of purchase, it apparently never occurred to anyone to inquire why the ranch was called “The Big Muddy. To ask other readers questions about Bhagwanplease sign up. Return to Book Page.

It is just me, my views, my opinions, my way of saying, my way of writing. What’s really absorbing, though, is the parallel to our current American situation.


Thanks to God I moved away from the sannyas conditioning and find my love again for jesus, even more I started to appreciate, meditate and pray with the the most profound Christian mystics. However Osho in the old times Poona 1 spoke wonderfully about the grace, surrender, love, devotion teaching of Jesus. Jesus Christ’s wisdom has benefitted humanity on an incalculabe level and should not be dismissed as elementary, IMO.

Refresh and try again. May 10, Saahil Outsider rated it really liked it. Seizure Led to Failef Death. I found the book quite interesting since I have read a lot of Osho books already and have stayed in his Pune Ashram. A series of lectures in Poona 1 ’78 printed in the book ‘Mustard seed” reveal a more sane aspect of Bhagwan on Jesus.

The Scot who was the sex guru’s bodyguard

And there is milnne to be inspired. A compelling, important report from the dark side of spiritual search. Humans need JC’s compassion. Open Preview See a Problem?

Jan 18, Micmoc rated it liked it. The author attributes Rajneesh’s ability to dominate to two factors: Milne’s account demonstrated that regardless of intelligence, anyone go become subjected to charismatic personalities. I took Sanayass via internet. Although he deplores Bhagwan’s privations, Milne still thinks himself a better man for the experience, telling us “. But despite Rajneesh’s deceptions, misleadings and misdirections, weird materialistic obsessions and just plain lies, Milne makes it clear he continues, even after being shunned, to minle the Bhagwan, recognizing the presence of a personal, almost telepathic sensitivity in the man.

I go back and forth with my perspective on Bhagwan aka Osho.

The Scot who was the sex guru’s bodyguard – BBC News

My spirit, my fire, my love and the freedom of being myself. An insider’s view of Osho’s world. But that’s how life should be, perhaps, a mystery with no hard fast answers. As with all persons who attract acolytes, the debate rages whether an innocent one becomes corrupted by adulation or if those seeds of arrogance, self-righteousness and manipulation were always there, dormant. Milne pens an entertaining of life with the Bhagwan Shree Rajneesh, in India and, more familiar to us Americans, in rural eastern Oregon.


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A sweet hug for you my friend, Thomas. Milne was actually one of Bhagwan’s inner circle for quite some time. This was very interesting to read after reading countless of books by Osho as well as failee autobiography and having watched Netflix documentary series about his time in USA.

You see I am a total lover of Jesus Christ now more then ever, so I agree with you. Mountain Girl My way! I can see my dysfunctions now, heal them and become an independent seeker.


Milne leaves the group before the final tense collapse but keeps tabs on the majo Milne became a follower of Bhagwan in his early twenties and talks about the early, almost idyllic days in Poona India. Any guru who gets millne start through the good offices of the A-1 Biscuit Company of Bombay, as Milne reports, and indulges a mania milnd collecting tens of thousands of felt tip pens, not to mention the well documented 90 Rolls Royces, is begging for satirization.

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