This is a pasticcio by Antonio Vivaldi with music by Riccardo Broschi, . Name Translations, Bajazet; Bajazet av Vivaldi; バヤゼット; Բայազետ; Bəyazid;. Typical of its time, this is one of the operas with an “A loves B loves C, etc.” plot, except the romantic entanglements take place against the backdrop of the. Performed for the first time in the Southern Hemisphere, Vivaldi’s passionate and powerful BAJAZET is the latest Baroque masterpiece to be rediscovered by.

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In the trouser role of Andronico, Elina Garan’a is very convincing in both masculine tenderness and fury. Operas Operas by Antonio Vivaldi Italian-language operas operas. Home News Contacts Copyright. It or Vivaldi left Venice — it seems that he was not reappointed to the position at the Pieta bajzet and took a position at the court in Mantua then part of the Austrian Empire.

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Vivaldi Bajazet

Idaspe advises Tamerlane that Bajazet has taken poison and is on the baazet of death. It was a favoured genre in the eighteenth century and often used by impresarios when deadlines were tight and operas needed to be staged quickly. Tamerlano rewards Irene with a new promise of marriage, and orders Asteria, Bajazet and Andronico to taken away. Some of the arias are reused from previous Vivaldi operas.

Tamerlane calls on guards to take Asteria and Bajazet upon whom he will exact vengeance. In garden of occupied capital of Bursa, where Tamerlane resides following the defeat of the Turks.


Asteria returns to Tamerlano’s presence begging for death as well. Tamerlane, Bajazet, Asteria and Irene sing quartet about faithlessness, cruelty mercy and death. The Bajazte had an excellent choir and orchestra, drawn from the girls and young women living there.

Bajazet (opera) – Wikipedia

That is as maybe, but it cannot be bajaazet that Vivaldi chose his arias well. For Bajazet in Vivaldi composed nine of the arias and all of the recitative. This opera catalog number RV is presented in 3 acts, with a three-movement sinfonia as an introduction. Tamerlane has Asteria tell her of her decision to accept Tamerlane.

The Return of Ulysses. The opera ends with everyone except Vivalldi, of course proclaiming how love has conquered hate. Scene 10 Andronicus alone: This is strong stuff and Vivaldi responds with sound dramatic sense.

Scene 10 Asteria and the foregoing: The table below lists the origin of some of the arias used in Bajazet. Tamerlane tells Andronicus that he will forgive Asteria if she relents.

Cast & Crew

Vivaldi struggled to make money from his operas. The first complete recording of this opera was released by Virgin Classics on 10 May This rarely performed operatic gem, premiered in Verona infeatures a brilliant array of arias designed to showcase the top singers of the age: D’Arcangelo is allowed two arias, because his are short. Bajazet gives lengthy denunciation of Asteria. vivakdi

Scene 4 Andronicus alone: Ildebrando D’Arcangelo is a manly and eloquent Bajazet, and Marijana Mijanovic is a stunner as his daughter. He tells her that Andronicus will wed Irene and sings love aria before leaving. He was certainly prolific, concentrating mostly on opera, and he visited Mantua, Verona and Amsterdam. In Vivaldi was in Vienna and Prague, where the opera Farnace was produced.


A few arias are missing from the original manuscript, and Biondi has carefully inserted suitable arias from other works to fill the gaps.

There is a short quartet to end Act Two, and the final tutti, but otherwise, all of the numbers are solos. This is a pasticcio opera, which means that, in certain arias, Vivaldi used music by other composers — in this case, some associated with Neapolitan opera, such as Broschi, Hasse, and Giacomelli — and adapted it for his new opera. For other uses, see Bajazet disambiguation.

It is not clear whether Antonio was encouraged to join the church because that was the best place for a musician or whether, as some have suggested, it was a natural occupation for the eldest son of a poor family. Tamerlane says that the death of Bajazet has softened his heart.

However Andronico also loves Asteria. vivwldi

This was a popular operatic subject in the s, with at least 50 known settings.