Fragile Páramo Ecosystem in Colombia Threatened by Coal and Gold produced the first comprehensive atlas of the Colombian páramos. Data repatriation to Colombia to be used in actual research. The most recent document available for Colombia is the “Atlas de Paramos de Colombia”. El Páramo El Almorzadero se sitúa entre los departamentos Norte de Santander y Santander, en el municipio de Cerrito y de Chitagá. El cual.

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PWN, Warszawa, pp. Published online Sep An R package for the analysis of species identity and evolution, with particular reference to DNA barcoding.

Paramo El Almorzadero, Colombia | EJAtlas

Pieridae de Antioquia Colombia noroccidental, Suramerica. Introduction, genera Altopedaliodes to Lymanopoda. The map was elaborated by Juan Parra of the Universidad de Antioquia.

Systematics and Biodiversity14, 2, — Tropical Lepidoptera15 1—218— Also to complete the geographic coverage and the study extend recent literature was used to get info about the paramo complex. We supplemented the species inventory generated from this fieldwork with data from the Flora de Antioquia project, carried out by the Universidad de Antioquia and the Missouri Botanical Gardenavailable online at http: Zootaxa, 27— Annual Review of Entomology55, — Lambillionea99 2— Series Biodiversidad y Recursos Naturales.


Affinities remained the same when these atla were repeated excluding these two areas.

Vargas O, Pedraza P. Zoological Journal of the Linnaean Society87, — In Colombia there are about Rangel-Churio of the Angiosperms families recognized worldwide by Reveal and Chase The analysis was carried out with the PAST3. The high diversity of Asteraceae is notable, with 59 species representing We collected in different periods and climatic seasons in order to find a higher number of plants in paramso or with fruits.

Cladistics28, — An R package for the analysis of species identity and evolution, with particular reference to DNA barcoding. July 7, admin 0 Comments.

Paramo de Santurbán, Colombia | EJAtlas

In total 26 releves were paramoa consisting of a species list with its cover, date, location, altitude, slope, etc. Satyrinae Pronophilina en Cundinamarca Colombia.

For the purpose of the GBIF data-publishing, vegetation releve data were converted into species occurrence data. The current inventory shows high diversity of species in Melastomataceae and Orobanchaceae. Neopedaliodes zipa Adams, Vuilleumier F, Monasterio M.


University of Amsterdam (NL) – Páramo Vegetation Research, Paramo “El Almorzadero”, Colombia

Molecular marine biology and biotechnology3, — Butterflies sampling was carried out for over three years in the cloud forest—paramo mosaic and open grassland at — m. We suggest you upgrade to a modern browser. Located in the patamos of Antioquia, in the Central Cordillera.

Articles from PhytoKeys are provided here courtesy of Pensoft Publishers. Overall, 48 species of Pronophilina were identified. Some genera found in the study such as Aegiphila Jacq.

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