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I Ierakles fights centaurs. Although not illiterate he sprinkles the field freely with distinctive nonsense him riptions. We shall also find examples where we can be reasonably sure di. The non-prize Panathcnaics often deviate too by omitting columns and adding an owl or other figures, while a few replace the cocks by cauldrons, lions, owls or disci and once by male figures. IVeai 79 Alabastron by the Amasis Painter.

Mastoid cups have a narrow flat foot, flaring lips and one, two or no handles [ j.

Tliesens fights the Minotaur. Animal friezes are dismissed to subordinate positions, and very I. We have many signatures of Little Masters because the inscription sometimes formed an important element in the overall athebian, especially of lip cups. These dire events had no perceptible effect on the production of black figure vases or on the scenes painted on them, but the disaster left some valuable archaeological dating points in the debris of the city, while the tomb mound at Marathon, fought inmakes its contribution to chronology too.

From Corinth their potters copied the Komast cups 1 21, 22 ], and the deeper cup known as a kotyle but in this period usually called a skyphos by archaeologistswhile the KY Painter, the lesser artist and the younger man, introduces the column crater which becomes the most popular shape of mixing vessel for wine and water. This shape may carry pairs of thin red lines on the foot and within such as we see on East Greek cups and on other Athenian figuure vases, and it seems a refined imitation of a rustic wooden goblet.

Athenian Black Figure Vases | W. W. Norton & Company

It might seem strange to exclude consideration of the red figure vases here. Cook – – The Classical Review 40 Possibly the devices were dictated by the magistrate who ordered the vases from different painters to help identify a batch.


The din of battle is already dislanl. Other pot painters and Nikosthenes We have already looked at the work of some painters who may have sat in the same studios as the great artists of this period – Lydos, Amasis, Exekias. Tongues at the lip and rays above the usual Little Master foot is a common scheme, and a few add silhouette figures in the handle zone.

The export market for these poor wares in Greece and beyond Greece remained strong. A satyr on a mule with a woman 16 Deianira lekythos in the manner oj the Gorgon Painter. Phc canonical shape and decoration was established by about 11 c: We use the time scale as a convention and convenience, but in this period and with these vases the sequence and rate of change proposed can be treated with some confidence.

Clay analysis by emission spectrography has helped to isolate these pieces from the Athenian series, and the same technique helps 11s to place the I I ybi.

Of these, and of the Athena Painter, there will be more to say in the next chapter. The hydria is tar more popular: There had been earlier Attic cups which lacked the offset lip, such as the more nearly hemispherical merrythought cups [37].

Of these the first named seems to have been interested in painting some standard black figure neck amphorae and in introducing some black figure onto his red figure vases-for lids or subsidiary friezes, and the Achilles Painter may have decorated in black figure another traditional shape, the loutrophoros. Another measure of aghenian popularity was bpardman way in which the shape was copied in stone, for jewellery, for small jphn vases and for icd figure vases decorated with various scenes.

This is the Painter of Athensand on his name vase [34] we see the refinement of the old Komast cup shape with the figure decorated tondo within which has been met hitherto in Athens only in lekanai. Black vases We might have expected that the figure decorated vases which have been discussed in this book represented only a ahhenian among the clay vases used In sixth-century Athenians. Courting Belly amphora by the Princeton Painter.


A contemporary – also a plate painter and close to Psiax in style – was Pashas formerly known as the Cerberus Paintera fine red figure artist who used the older technique for some dedicatory plaques found on the Athenian Acropolis. It was for the next generation to attempt to add feeling. Most of his work some vases are iin ibuted to him must belong to about joynand appears on hydriae and neck amphorae, his scheme of decoration on these shapes being standard lot this period.

On one side of the neck 1 Odysseus 2 Prolocorinlliian olpe. It has also meant that the average quality of these vases is low and, since the finest vase painting was done gigure red figure by now, the contrast with the earlier vases, best known from the fine pieces exported to Italy, is the greater. New techniques for treating the background to figure decoration on vases appear more frequently now.

It comes into its own now for outlines and emphatic detail in red figure but has a reduced role if anything in black figure. To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up. One or two of the new shape were decorated by the latest of the artists in the Komast Group, and here is one artist who combines the developed Komast cup shape with elements of the East Greek cups fine lines painted within the hollow foot.

BOARDMAN JOHN Athenian Black Figure Vases.pdf [ 1997] Αντιγραφή

Elis best work has the dignity of the besi Leagran; the rest have a simple, lively quality, sometimes mannered in detail, the figures tending to the egg head. Paseas used a fine, glossy white or cream for his plaques and one plate, a technique which appeared by about and is often used on later black figure. A final section is devoted to the mythological scenes and other decorative features of the vases. blac

The amphora shapes become more feminine, with generous lips, Jupmg shoulders, slender necks and ankles.