This standard is issued under the fixed designation C ; the number immediately 1 This test method is under the jurisdiction of ASTM Committee C08 on. Abrasion Resistance of Refractory Materials at Room Temperature1 This standard is issued under the fixed designation C/CM; the number immediately. ASTM C – Download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read online. ASTM C

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ASTM C-704

Due to small irregularities normally present in the shape of the glass plates, use of a water immersion method is suggested. The values stated in each system may not be exact equivalents; therefore, use each system independently of the other.

Size the orifice so that g of the abrading media flows through the funnel v704 6 15 s. Splitting aastm with use of a riffler or another similar procedure and reblending may be necessary to obtain a grit sample conforming to the required screen analysis.

No precision and bias statements can be made at this time.

Current edition approved March 1, Combining values from the two systems may result in non-conformance with the standard. The glass tube is placed through the sleeve in the tubing nut, compressing the grommet within the nut.

This test method can also be applied to castable refractories see Metric Dimensions, Practice C and Practice C and plastic refractories see Practice C Significance and Use 4. Consultation with an industrial professional in compressed air systems is recommended in setting up the air supply for the abrasion tester.


ASTM C – Free Download PDF

Affix the gauges to the blast gun as shown in Fig. Individually measure asgm choose all nozzle tubes to conform to a specified 4. Ensure the gun is perpendicular to the specimen. The glass plate may be placed in the abrasion tester with either face up. The abraded area is to be uniform and symmetrical.

When the Carco Blast Gun is used, this will replace the steel nozzle supplied with the gun. Flare the tubing at one end to sit snugly inside a 9.

This will allow the operator to push the glass tubing up until the rod touches the venturi, ensuring a 2 mm [0. Please fill this form, we will try to respond as soon as ast. The diameter may be checked by the use of a gage consisting of a tapered stainless steel rod with the 4.

The minimum recommended diameter for dial type is mm [4. Referenced Documents purchase separately The documents listed below are referenced within the subject standard but are not provided as part of the standard. Take the statistically significant x704 of this small air pressure variation into consideration and use only gauges as specified in 6. Several values are stated only in SI units as a matter of convention and to permit comparison of results.

Replace any parts as necessary and calibrate the abrasion tester in accordance with Section 7 before proceeding. Use one gauge as the primary gauge; all pressure measurements are to be taken from that gauge. ASTM International takes awtm position respecting the validity of any patent rights asserted in connection with any item mentioned in this standard. Do not completely fill or flood the gun supply funnel with material. If the vacuum gauge does not read a minimum vacuum of mm 15 in.


Your comments will receive careful consideration at a meeting of the responsible technical committee,1 which you may attend. This log may be kept either on paper or electronically. Included are the abrading media weight gramsspecimen weight gramsspecimen weight loss due to abrasion gramsand the resultant volume loss cubic centimeters.

Interferences Factors known to Affect Results 5.

Historical Version s – view previous versions of standard. Check the air pressure before and after the abrading media is run through the system. Ideal glass tube 3 Detailed prints for the construction of the test chamber axtm available at a nominal cost from ASTM International Headquarters.

We need your help to maintenance this website. Cleanly cut the ends of the glass tube and do not fire polish them. When connected with the abrasion tester, ensure that the feed mechanism delivers the abrading media in the specified time of 6 15 s.