Used ARTHROCARE Electrothermal Arthroscopy System For Sale – DOTmed Listing # Specifications: Year of Manufacture. YOM: Condition: Pre-owned. Good condition. The unit will be delivered exactly the way it is displayed on the accompanying photos. Dimensions: 62 x 48 x (H) cm / with opened table x 48 x (H) Condition: Pre-owned. Good condition. The unit will be delivered.

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It has found a ready market among surgeons using single-use ArthroWands repairing the knees and shoulders of athletes. Arthrocare completes its initial public offering of stock. In it sued Ethicon Inc. In ArthroCare completed a pair of significant acquisitions.

In early ArthroCare received FDA approval for its method of facial resurfacing, that is, wrinkle reducing. The two xrthrocare settled in July with Ethicon agreeing to license some of ArthroCare’s technology.

Close to controllers were installed and more than 40, disposable wands were shipped. Eggers came to the medical devices industry from a different direction, earning an M.

About six months after Baker took over, ArthroCare forged a partnership with Boston Scientific to develop a Coblation system suitable for cardiac surgery. ArthroCare then formed an alliance with medical device company Inamed Corp. Sports medicine was one of the early users of the product, since athletes undergoing arthroscopic surgery could reduce their recovery times and be back in action much quicker and with less pain.

In the cosmetic surgery field the company faced a market saturated with arthricare procedures, leaving little revenue potential despite the effectiveness of ArthroCare’s method.

ArthroCare System – doc-market

The ArthroCare Sports Medicine unit is devoted to products used in arthroscopic joint surgery, the company’s first application for Coblation. Surgeons were given a chance to use the 20000 for free on surgeries they already had scheduled. Chandler, Michele, “Sunnyvale, Calif. Show my email publicly. To build on its direct sales efforts in the sports medicine field, it acquired Atlantech Medical Devices, Ltd.


Arthrocare System Timer | For Sale | Labx Ad

In ArthroCare received approval to use Coblation technology to remove tonsils, opening up yet another source of revenues.

In he cofounded Cardiovascular Imaging Systems, Inc.

Thus when Thapliyal and Eggers incorporated their new company in April they called it ArthroCare Corporation, originally based in Sunnyvale, California. Archon Corporation Arthur J. In July Michael A.

The company hired a number of doctors as consultants and they began spreading the word throughout the arthroscopy field that an exciting new product 20000 on the horizon.

Entec Arthrocare System 2000

Baker replaced Thapliyal as president and CEO. Instead they decided to look for surgical applications in which precision was a major selling point and settled on arthroscopic joint surgery.

In ArthroCare had completed the development of a commercial product using Coblation technology. Although ArthroCare enjoyed rapid growth during the late s and into the s, it also faced challenges on a myriad of fronts.

ArthroCare organizes its business around four medical specialties. Fourteen months later Thapliyal retired as CTO, turning his attention to other projects. It was apparent that this phenomenon held great promise, since it offered surgeons greater precision than could be found with traditional electrosurgical instruments, lasers, or even scalpels.

As a result, when ArthroCare unveiled its first Coblation wands at an arthroscopy trade show in a crowd of surgeons circled the company’s booth. It had to turn to the court system to protect the patent on its technology. The company is founded. 200 graduate of West Point with an M.


ArthroCare Corporation

In short order the company had the foundation of a sales and distribution network in place and began selling its product. But the company had now reached a crossroads in its history; management had to determine the best way to take the company to the next level, whether to sell the business to a giant rival or commit the necessary funds to augment the company’s infrastructure to support continued growth.

In the fall of the company began the process of going public, reincorporating in Delaware, and then in December filing with the Securities and Exchange Commission SEC. ArthroCare also became active on the acquisitions front in the early s. Coblation-based products use radiofrequency energy to dissolve soft tissue without burning, unlike other radiofrequency-based products, like lasers, that are heat-driven.

But an accidental discovery changed the direction their start-up company would take. Once they tried the wands, 2000 were convinced of the product’s efficacy and asked their hospitals to buy the controlling devices and supply the single-use wands.

Already the Coblation device was being used in more than 10 percent of all arthroscopic rotator cuff procedures done on shoulders in the United States.

Thapliyal served as the company’s initial president and chief executive officer. Based in Sunnyvale, California, ArthroCare Corporation is a medical device company, relying mostly on its patented Coblation technology.