PHILIP A. STADTER: Arrian of Nicomedia. Pp. xi+; m endpapers. Chapel Hill: University of North Carolina Pres. $ ‘All history is contemporary history. A comprehensive picture of the life and work of a major figure among the Greek- speaking authors of the Roman Empire. Arrian is our most reliable source for. Free kindle book and epub digitized and proofread by Project Gutenberg.

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The Anabasis of Alexander by Arrian

Pearl Harbor attack, December 7,surprise aerial attack nicomedja the U. After this office, he was made governor of Cappadociaa frontier province with two legions. A work translated a Nicodemian script minor. The Anabasis of Alexander comprises seven books. Alexa Actionable Analytics for the Web.

Chronologically, two of them do not belong at this place, but by treating them together, Arrian has prevented niomedia reader from coming up against the hard facts too often. Routledge, 8 Oct This work was much used in the Middle Ages as a guide to the principles of the monastic life.

To Arrian, it seemed that all his life had been a prelude to the writing of this work: Greek historian and senator of the Roman empire, author of pf historical studies.

Page 1 of 1 Start over Page 1 of 1. Robert Appleton Nicomsdia [Retrieved ] ed. Indica is a work on a variety of things pertaining to Indiaand the voyage of Nearchus in the Persian Gulf. Through examination of all Nearchan fragments, I argue that providing local place names was a key aspect of this role and significant for navigation.

A fragment describing a plan of battle against the Alani was found in Milan around the 17th century which was thought at that time to belong to the Nciomedia. In the prologue, Arrian explains why:.


: Arrian of Nicomedia (): Philip A. Stadter: Books

Quintilius Valerius Maximus und sein gleichnamiger Sohn in der Zeit von den Flaviern bis Hadrian sowie die arian nachfolgenden und bekanntesten Generationen mit jeweils einem Sex. Simplicius made a copy of the Encheridion, which was transmitted under the name of the monastic father Nilus during the 5th century, and as a result found in every monastery library.

Flavius Arrianus Xenophon, to give him his full name, was a Greek, born at Nicomedia, the capital of the Roman province of Bithynia, probably a few years before A. Periplus of the Euxine Sea.

It is also known as a handbook, and A Mehl considers the Enchiridion to have been a vade mecum for Arrian. History is treated in a number of articles. Moreover, the war against the Parthians -if he rarian taken part in it- had offered him an opportunity to visit Mesopotamiaand he may have visited places like Gaugamela and Babylon.

The knowledge of his consulship, is derived at the least from literature produced by Suidas. The University of Chicago Press.

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Arrian was of Greek stock, from the provincial aristocracy of Bithynia. Remember me on this computer.

Baker and others [Retrieved ] ed. He was appointed to the position consul suffectus around AD, and then, in AD although Howatson showshe was made prefect or legate governor of Cappadocia by Hadrian, a service he continued for six years. This work has generally been considered in large part a panegyric to Hadrian, written for the occasion of his vicenalliaalthough some scholars have argued that its second half may have had practical use. Billecocq, under the auspices of the government cf.

Discover some of the most interesting and trending topics of JB Stockdale considered that Arrian wrote eight books of which four were lost by the Middle Ages and the remaining ones became the Discourses.

The Age of the Successors. Inthe Alans, a tribe from the steppes of Kazakhstan, threatened the Parthian and Roman empires. A talk for the Cambridge Festival of Ideas, 20 October Among his students was the future emperor Hadrianwho was to be Arrian’s lifelong friend. Ektaxis kata Alanon is also translated as Acies contra Alanos. It is therefore equally possible that he was active in Dacia, which had recently been occupied by the emperor Trajan and was now being pacified by Arrian’s friend Hadrian.


In spite of his dazzling career in the Roman government, Arrian found time to write many books, which are generally modelled on the publications of the Athenian author Xenophon c.

The Enchiridion is a short compendium of all Epictetus’ philosophical principles. Routledge, 11 Jan Arrian’s aim in the work was to set forth events of the Parthian war of Trajan. There were also a number of monographs or biographies, including of Dion of Syracuse, Timoleon of Corinth, and Tilliborus, a brigand or robber of Asia minor, which are now lost.

He was later to publish an Order of battle against the Alansin which he offered advice to other Roman commanders on fighting against nomads which is one of the few surviving sources on the marching order and battle formation of the Roman army.

London, Printed for T.

A New Niconedia, Volume 34 F. Learn more about Amazon Prime. Oxford University Press, 29 Mar A catalogue shows his philosophic, topographic-ethnographic, historical, and military interests, which culminate in his books on Alexander.

He had to pursue a senatorial career, and must have served as an officer in one of the legions in c. Arrian served in the Roman army and was appointed by the emperor Hadrian to be legate of the province of Cappadocia ad —