The people in rural areas of Karnataka and Kerala mainly depend on agriculture for their livelihood. The main crops grown are Arecanut and.

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It was observed that the maximum circumference of an arecanut tree is 50 cm and minimum circumference at the top is 30 cm. Climbing Mechanism and Working The arecanut tree climbing and spraying machine works on the basic principle of friction that is the relative lateral motion of two solid surfaces in contact. Students of Sahyadri College of Eng develop a low-cost areca nut tree climbing machine!! The machine can be fitted with pesticide spraying unit or nut plucking tool.

With scarcity of labour, areca growers are finding it difficult to harvest their crop. The device consists of a triangular base frame which supports all the components to be built upon.

The machine should be capable of adjusting to the varying cross-section of the tree during upward and downward movements.

Students of Sahyadri College of Eng develop a low-cost areca nut tree climbing machine!!

There are much equipment machines in the market to help the farmers in this regard. A spring is used to provide sufficient grip to the wheel on the tree clibmer to the change in the size of the tree. Torque Calculation Calculating motor torque, 4. The contact friction between the wheel and tree is maintained with the help of tension springs and grippers on the wheels.


Under the guidance of Prof Abdul Kareem.

In recent years, labour scarcity has emerged as one of the foremost challenges in farming. H S Posted date: August 30, So development of a unique tree climbing mechanism is necessary which may be used for maintaining and harvesting applications.

There is a need to invent a machine to address both efficiency and safety. Areca nuts are collected in a basket.

Motors Five motors are used in this machine, in which 3 motors are used to drive the wheels, other 2 motors are used to controlling the nozzle attachment for spraying pesticides. Guide way motors are rotated to the required position in order to spray pesticide to the crop.

Areca Nut Tree Climber, Model No.: ATC

Only skilled labourers can carry out these farming operations. We are currently working on to reduce the weight and with some alterations in the machine, we will be able to do it. It is mandatory to climb the trees a minimum of five times a year for a successful harvest – twice for the preventive spray against fungal disease, and thrice to harvest the arecanut.

It is the main source through which torque is generated. After which the pump is stopped, the whole setup is being brought back by changing the polarity of the switch so that the drive motor rotates in opposite direction there by making the wheels rotate in opposite direction. Arecanut climbing and spraying machine 3.


Line diagram to calculate Length of the links Figure 2. This is the most suitable machine for harvesting areca nuts without man climbing on the tree.

The tension of the spring helps to retain the arecqnut at the required height. The machine can be used for spraying insecticides also.

Design and Fabrication of Arecanut Tree Climbing and Spraying Machine

Remote control circuit Figure 4. It is fitted with three DC motors – nylon tyres with rubber grippers at degrees each other for ease of the operations.

In this wrecanut climbing machine power is obtained from 12V battery through which drive motors are energized.

It also requires greater agility and high manoeuvrability to be used as a product. Power from the battery is supplied to the motors using flexible wires and DPDT Double Pole Double Throw switch is used to control the movement of climbing machine as well as spraying unit.

Then the pesticide is being sprayed.