Joseph Ayo Babalola was born on April 25, in Odo-Owa, Oke-Ero LGA, Kwara State to Pa David Rotimi and Madam Marta Talabi who belonged to the. This is one of the things that got us curious in City People about the Life and Times of this great man of God this is because late Apostle Ayo Babalola is one of. Nigerian Nollywood actress Foluke Daramola has shared the bad ordeal experienced by the former Christ Apostolic Church Leader Apostle.

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An entire building was provided for their comfort. After this, we knelt down for prayer. Then the angel told him to put off the light inside the room which he immediately did.

Kolawole August 7, at All he took was his bell and his staff and he went to the hill with people watching him.

While he was at Odo-Owa, a warrant for his arrest was issued from Ilorin. The Oba tried to dissuade Babalola and his men from entering the forbidden forest, but Babalola insisted on establishing his prayer ground there.

He also sometime stand for 7 days praying to God unstop.

I took the lead. A hand prayer bell was given to Babalola as a symbol. There was no visible mechanical problem, and Joseph became confused and perplexed.

Babalola was brought up as an Anglican. Babalola and the visionaries were allegedly ordered by Bishop Smith to leave the church. In fact it has grown rapidly over the years, with many churches under the Christ Apostolic Church name but each church with a specific branch name.


Bola Are, who is today known all over the aposstle.

To avoid bloodshed he was compelled to leave. He zpostle in this state of confusion when a great voice called him three times to start preaching the gospel which he refused bluntly.

He became the prophet of God in when God called him. These issues had caused dissension at the IIesa Tabernacle and in order to avoid a split, a delegation of peacemakers made up of all leading Faith Tabernacle pastors, was sent to Ilesa.

The Ministry Exploits Of Apostle Ayo Babalola Of Christ Apostolic Church | Eternityrace

Before his arrival, I had prepared my bedroom ready for him. The moment they set eyes on me they fled.

At the expiration of the prophesied forty-five days and epidemic of small pox broke out and within 3 weeks about persons had died.

The watershed in his early ministry came when he was commanded by God to go to his hometown to warn his people against Idolatry, fetish practices and evil works. In a vision he had, Jesus appeared to him in a white robe along with a very tall man who revealed that it was this Jesus who asked me to speak with you.

He bid everyone farewell and prayed for them. Wilson Joel throw back picture Consequently, wherever and whenever he prayed into water for therapeutic purposes, effective healing was procured for those who drank the water. The angel told him that he was the one who had been talking to him on the road when he was driving and that he would have died if he had refused to hearken to his instructions.


He was specifically instructed by God to heal the sick through water which he prayed into. The other larger faction and in which Prophet Joseph Babalola was a leader eventually became the Christ Apostolic Church. Another fact was that, before he even took the ministry, there was prophecy that he was going to work for God for just bbalola years before he will be call upon by God.

Some of the Exploits of Apostle Ayodele Babalola: 1904 – 1959

Oladapo Moses March 21, at 5: While the bablola is said to be used for healing of all illness and disease and it opening the womb of any barren women. He was directed to go first to Odo-Owa and start preaching. The heavenly hosts had come to meet this great prophet and joyfully admitted him into the glory above.

He declined to take any meal but requested to be allowed to have some sleep, because he had been holding series of meetings since the past nine days with little or no rest.