Sunwen, the largest steel pipe manufacturer in China sales both high quality carbon steel, stainless steel and low alloys to global buyer. I can’t download API Specification 5LD 4th Mar. CRA Clad or Lined Steel Pipe, Please sent to me ([email protected])`. Thank at advance. Certificate of Authority to use the Official API Monogram. License Number: 5LD- ORIGINAL. @. The American Petroleum Institute hereby grants to.

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Seamless or welded Lined steel pipe: The finished product is supplied as bi-metal-lined pipe.

Manufacture of bi-metal-lined pipe is based upon use of traditional manufacturing routes for the primary materials, carbon-steel outer pipe, aapi CRA liner pipe. Through the composite technology, the optimal composite effect of mechanical liner can be achieved, and the shear stress between inside and outside metal layer can reach 2.

API SPEC 5LD CRA Clad or Lined Steel Pipe

Clad line pipe can be manufactured by various techniques that include the forming and welding of hot roll bonded plate, hot co-extrusion, weld overlay, and manufacture of lined pipe. The details of the various methods of manufacture are well documented. A more-detailed description of the manufacturing process occurs presently.


Clad pipe Use of CRA-clad steel line pipe is familiar to the offshore oil and gas industry. Presented here are the materials philosophy of the project team and the rationale for selecting bi-metal- lined pipe along with 5lf description of the manufacture, fabrication, and installation of the flow lines.

The composite plate or coil is manufactured by hot rolling technology, which can achieve metallurgical bonding of the atom between corrosion-resistant clad and the backing layer, the binding force reaches above MPa, the binding area rate can reach above What you can 5ldd next Mechanical lined pipes.

The clad can meet the corrosion-resistant specific performance requirements, and the backing layer can meet the strength and rigidity condition the structure required.

API 5LD (Cert No : 5LD- ) ยป Cladtek

Significant cost savings on capital expenditure for production flow lines were achieved by the use of corrosion-resistant alloy CRA lined pipeinstead of solid CRA and metallurgically clad pipe options. Meanwhile, we develops specially the pipe ends automatic overlaying technology and NC machine tools specialized for beveling, which can process complex shape bevels such as U-bevel, and guarantees the conformity of pipe mouth diameter and bevel size, so as to operate pipe jointing on site.

This specification covers seamless and welded clad steel line pipe and lined steel line pipe with enhanced corrosion-resistant properties suitable for use in pipeline transportation systems in the petroleum and natural gas industries. API 5LD clad piping,weld clading. You must be logged in to post a comment. In general, use of clad or bi-metal- lined pipe allows the economic use of expensive CRA materials.


Longitudinal or helical seam CRA clad steel pipe: December 12, at pm4: Log in to Reply. The delivered product usually has square ends, but other special ends may be furnished by agreement between the purchaser and manufacturer.

Sizes greater than mm 84 in. Other grades are subject to agreement between the purchaser and the manufacturer. The welding quality is stable, and the product size accuracy is high.

Included are nominal pipe sizes NPS 25 mm 1 in.

Corrosion resistance to the process environment is provided by the internal CRA clad layer, typically 2. Seamless or welded carbon steel pipe as the outer backing layer, and corrosion-resistant alloy pipe as the inner corrosion layer, using the limit elasticity hydraulic composite method innovated independently by the company achieves the composite 5le the inner and outer pipe and forms the mechanical liner pipe.