: Raven Black: Book One of the Shetland Island Mysteries ( ): Ann Cleeves: Books. Raven Black: Book One of the Shetland Island Quartet – Kindle edition by Ann Cleeves. Download it once and read it on your Kindle device, PC, phones or. Set in the remote Scottish Shetland Islands, Cleeves’s taut, atmospheric thriller, the first in a new series, will keep readers guessing until the last.

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It’s a small place, easily cut off from the rest of the world if the weather is bad. To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up. They’d been to a New Year’s Eve party. View all 6 comments.

Perhaps she had her own reasons for encouraging him to speak. First off it’s a first-class whodunit. Cleeves portrayal of Catherine, the victim, is honest, never falling into the trap of portraying Catherine as “whiter than white”, as Cleeves soldiers on and delivers an insightful view of a young adult struggling with her own problems.

Sunnie Gill, Australia December Details of the author’s other books with links to reviews can be found on the Books page. Cleeves takes her readers straight to the heart of the workings of life in Ravenswick, introducing a diverse cast with their own opinions about the events. View all 12 comments.

It was an OK read, but unfortunately I did not care for the ending either and therefore it slipped another notch. The lush blaci and the ocean blue landscapes will invite you into the heart of Shetland. It was so slow going that I could skim over paragraphs and still know exactly what was happening without missing anything.

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When the shocking identity of the murderer is revealed, readers will be as chilled as the harsh winds that batter the isolated islands. He does not believe that Magnus Tait has the capabilities and mindset to cover his tracks and as the questions continue the locals blac, just how safe they are and suddenly people are looking their doors.


Seemingly strangled by the vivid red scarf that she wore the locals are very keen to land the blame at the door of elderly simpleton, Magnus Tait, a man who to all intents and purposes has been ostracised by the residents of Ravenswick.

I look forward to reading the rest of the Shetland series, while eagerly awaiting the next Vera Stanhope instalment. I was thinking seriously of abandoning the read, just quietly taking the book back to the library and ahn it existed. Acting as Senior Investigating Officer ravfn DI Roy Taylor, a man with a huge presence and the assured confidence that the case will be wrapped up pretty swiftly.

If you like to read books that exercise your brain then you’ll enjoy this. It cleevex a cold January morning and Shetland lies buried beneath a deep layer of snow. The first instalment did not disappoint.

The murders take place eight years apart. Which puts Raven Black right up my alley.

Raven Black (Shetland Island, #1) by Ann Cleeves

She’s a bestseller in Scandinavia and Germany. Raven Black, by Ann Cleeves. Like all the other Hebridean based stories I have read of late this is another dark and, at times, oppressive story.

Detective Jimmy Perez, who grew up on the nearby Fair Isleis called in to investigate. The descriptions of the Shetland islands, a place I have never given much thought to before, is blzck, and makes the place a character in itself. It vlack the strangled body of her teenage neighbour Catherine Ross. A small, almost, isolated community living on the edge of the world.

By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. At the time of their deaths both the girls were living in the same house, albeit, at different times. I look forward to getting to know the main characters and the islands’ culture in future books. Cleevee all 5 comments.


Raven Black – Wikipedia

The following morning Catherine Ross is found dead just up the hill from the school. Jimmy and Fran, the main characters, feel very real, Ann Cleeves is a new author to me, but one I will seek out again in the near future. I enjoyed reading Raven Black. Would Jimmy find a satisfactory solution for this convoluted case? So I wouldn’t have to give a speech. Open Preview Blacl a Problem? Each character’s discoveries and fears build towards the climax they all experience, which means there is no need for laboured introspection or footprint-chasing.

Kate’s Blog

John Baker, John Baker’s Blog. Her characters are down to earth and believable. Magnus Tait, one of our POV characters, is cognitively impaired. That illusion though is shattered when Catherine is found one cold morning strangled to death with her own scarf. It’s unbelieveable clfeves me that Cleeves can recreate the unmixed-but-unsettled feelings of a child who holds that kind of intoxicating, terrifying, inappropriate power over an adult.

The final denouement provides answers for events, both recent and eight years previously, and unravels on a suitably fitting evening on the occasion of Up Helly Aa, an annual celebration in nearby Lerwick. Rvaen did not enjoy this as much as I hoped. A few nights later, Caroline was on her own at one of Duncan Hunter’s famous parties. The first victim is a young girl and the second victim is a teenager rvaen the cusp of adulthood.